This one’s for Claudia 😁 – IOTW Report

This one’s for Claudia 😁

Maureen McGovern – “The Morning After” from The Poseidon Adventure 1973. On 98.6 KMJA Uneasy Listening.

This hour is brought to you by Spoons.
Spoons. It’s hard to eat soup without them.

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  1. I can’t blame you Joe, it’s sort of one of those “from Hell’s heart I stab at thee” deals.

  2. Nothing good comes from Phillip Glass either, but I’m sure our demon overlord will get around to cueing up some atonal Hell eventually.

    Can’t we appease her with a burnt offering?

  3. Had to look him up….. “Glass’s work has been associated with minimalism, being built up from repetitive phrases and shifting layers”……hmmmm……’re right, might be be pretty out there.

  4. I was hoping “atonal Hell” was sufficient warning….I wasn’t intentionally trying to get you smell spoiled milk.

  5. Yikes…and this dedication… is from one friend to another…

    (eye roll…)

    Thumbs up @MJA…

  6. Tsunamis don’t make giant waves in the open ocean. Ships hardly even notice them. Maybe a slight bump at best.

    Just sayin’.

  7. In the film they show the song being done all the way through during rehearsal then they cut immediately to the New Year’s Eve show and go through the whole song again. If you didn’t hate the song when the movie started you sure did by the time it was over.

  8. @LocoBlancoSaltine – From Wikipedia:

    “The Poseidon Adventure is a 1972 American disaster film directed by Ronald Neame, produced by Irwin Allen, and based on Paul Gallico’s 1969 novel of the same name. It features an ensemble cast, including five Oscar winners: Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Albertson, Shelley Winters, and Red Buttons. The plot centers on the fictional SS Poseidon, an aged luxury liner on her final voyage from New York City to Athens before being sent to the scrapyard. On New Year’s Eve, she is overturned by a tsunami.”

  9. You realize of course, this is the kind of stuff that was banned by the Geneva Convention as being cruel and inhuman punishment.

  10. MJA is just being cruel to us now. lol!

    Glad I didn’t mention The Edmund Fitzgerald or She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes.

  11. …we took a riverboat cruise once that proved to be 4 hours in driving rain so we had to stay inside, where the ship was designed in Marriott Convention Center Modern. They had a piano player that took requests, though, so I requested “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald” and “The Morning After”. He did decent versions of both.

    He got it, because he commented on back announcing that the boat wasn’t going to tip over.

    Most of the rest of the age 70+ passengers didn’t appear to, though…

  12. LocoBlancoSaltine, it would only be a styrofoam dish!

    The story behind me hating this song was that when I worked at a hospital in Minneapolis ages ago, six of us were in a room working so we were able to listen to the radio. The station kept playing that song several times during the day.

    I called them after a few weeks of going crazy every time they play that song, I called them. I asked the lady if they take requests. She said that they did. I requested that they stop playing that song!

    She said that people call in to request it, but they did reduce it to just twice a day.

  13. Enjoyed the movie as a teen. Brings back memories.
    By the way, played a little Slim Whitman with volume low last night.
    Really spooked the dogs. Must have thought a coyote was in the house.

  14. I had the duty (I was TAD to Special Services at the time) at the NAS Miramar Base Theater the first night they showed The Poseidon Adventure early in 1973. I was busy all night taking tickets, ushering and cleaning up after the movie was over. There wasn’t a single seat left in the theater, it was jam packed to the gills. I don’t think I saw much of the movie that night because I was so busy making sure that everything ran smoothly and it did.

  15. I clicked on that and remembered how awful that song is.

    The movie wasn’t bad.
    Certainly better than the lame remake.

  16. Beachmom
    MARCH 23, 2021 AT 10:02 AM

    “The movie wasn’t bad.
    Certainly better than the lame remake.”

    …WHICH lame remake?

    …they did a movie a couple of times, but they also did a TV miniseries that was so low budget that they just put the signs on upside-down in perfectly level rooms to indicate it was after the ship turned turtle, because you wouldn’t know otherwise…

  17. There was one particular theme running through my life: I cannot watch “disaster” films. And there were A LOT of them being made in our teen years! All of them were awful! The awfrul-est part was making Silver Screen giants like Fred Astair play helpless characters. I bet no one remembered that Angela Lansbury brilliantly played the evil, scheming maid in “Gas Light” with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer. The young actress was nominated for an Oscar in that role.

  18. Ooops! Shelly Winters was in Poseiden. I met her once in the airline club room at the Frankfurt airport. As we were waiting for our plane to board, she swept in and began looking under all the chairs and sofas to find the fur hat that matched her exquisite fur coat. She gave her Oscar to the Anne Frank House.

  19. Cant get enough of that shot of Shelley Winters swimming thru a stateroom looking like a human walrus

  20. The only problem I had with this song is I didnt quite get the main message

    Thank God they repeated it, like, 20 times at the end

  21. What is really shocking is that the eye candy in the movie died a couple of years ago — at age 77.

  22. My cousin yelled out “Thar she blows!” In Shelly’s under water swim scene.

    Best part of the movie due to him.


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