This Picture Has Rob Lowe on the Social Media Hit List

Rob Lowe is getting the Social Justice pariah treatment because of a picture he took with an admirer. That’s all it took to be branded “dead to them.”

But as the Chicks on the Right point out, this picture with one of the world’s worst racist, anti-semite, delusional, deceptive cretins

didn’t, at all, damage Luis Farrakhan on social media.

(Okay, that was my joke, not the Chicks’.)

But, their point is spot on.

17 Comments on This Picture Has Rob Lowe on the Social Media Hit List

  1. My life is not so empty that a photograph of Rob Lowe and Sarah Huckabee-Sanders would cause me to….well, do anything at all. I actually feel kind of guilty for even making this comment.

  2. His USA flag shirt only added to his pariah-ness. Not allowed to celebrate anything American, according to the Lefties.

  3. Code Black is a good show, but in the season opener, they had some idiot nurse who inhaled deadly poison in the ER wake up and be asked who was president to check her mental status, and she said snarkily “Hillary Clinton.” These people cannot let it go. If it becomes tiresome enough, even Rob Lowe and a pretty good cast won’t be enough to keep me watching.

    So Lowe can piss off the liberals and the writers can piss off us sane people, and the show will tank. I don’t watch many shows anymore. It pissed me off to see this crap in this one. Totally gratuitous.

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  5. Good. There are plenty of people like Rob who aren’t going to bow down to the leftist mob. Kanye too. And these stars will have a major, beneficial impact by freeing people from mob mentality.

  6. I thought was going to be because of the horizontal stripes on Sarah’s outfit. Not flattering.

  7. Rob Lowe has already been smeared by the left before, so I don’t think he’ll care too much.

    And poor SHS, she’s the sweetest lady and they treat her like she’s the devil. I just don’t understand the left.

  8. HEY LAZLO!!!

    you forgot to publish your gofundme page….

    i won’t gofund you, but i WOULD buy some stocks….that there’s a BRILL-Y-ANT idear…. 🙂

  9. Lowe’s been a conservative for years and has kept a low profile (sorry) to keep working. I don’t think the ratings will suffer at all. The left is great for making threats but not actually doing anything about it and the execs are now starting to look closer at the ratings now that Roseannes a certifiable hit and Last Man Standing’s been picked up by Fox. You may see the writing get a little less overtly anti-conservative and anti-Trump going forward.

  10. Rob is not as nice as he seems. I get an extremely closet racist vibe from him and have since the early 80’s. Supporting homosexuality and being racist are both just plain wrong. White supremacists, Black Muslims/Black Panthers and liberals aren’t doing our Country any favors with their hatred, divisiveness, bias and support of abominations like same sex marriage.

    We definitely don’t need ANY of these groups representing our nation. We need REAL Christians with REAL Godly virtues to back us up. Sadly, we don’t have that and probably never will.

    Rob constantly insults other people on social media and has a ton of White supremacist supporters. Much like our current President. And it was Rob’s idea for Trump to run for Office. Hmm? His ‘kindness’ and ‘acceptance’ of REAL minorities(non-White people) is totally fake in my honest opinion. Rob hates and looks down on the poor as much as fake Christian Trump does. The bible says the rich oppress the poor yet these two evil bastards constantly cast the poor out as ‘lazy.’

    Rob definitely does it on the down low like the shady human being he is. Now I understand why none of his television shows ever last. It’s not his good looks. It’s clearly his attitude.


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