This SCOTUS Case Could Spell Doom For Gun Control Advocates

While an issue as hotly debated in the media, gun control has been debated far less in our nation’s highest courts. In fact, it’s been nearly a decade since a case pertaining to the topic has made its way to the Supreme Court.

In 2008 D.C. vs Heller case the SCOTUS upheld that the Second Amendment protected the citizens right to bear arms, and that this is independent of any membership or service in a militia. The case struct down DC’s handgun ban, and regulations that owned rifles and shotguns must be kept unloaded and disassembled while being bound by a trigger lock. The most recent case, the 2020 McDonald vs. Chicago case, further built upon D.C. vs. Heller. That case found that the 14th Amendment makes keeping and bearing arms under the Second Amendment for the purpose of self defense applicable to the states (as opposed to just Washington D.C.). I’m surprised such cases were even necessary.

As LifeZette explains, the SCOTUS heard argument Monday from Second Amendment advocates “challenging a New York City law that restricts licensed holders to a handful of shooting ranges within the city.” read more

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  1. It would be great if SCOTUS would do their job for a change and rule ALL gun control laws unconstitutional…because they ARE.

  2. You people should have lobbied against the National Firearms Act of 1934. I’m the Father of Gun Control, thank you.


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