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This seems like a bad shoot to me

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  1. What in the actual fu**?
    Did he really need to shoot a man, who was in a wheelchair?
    Without further details, I can’t imagine why this officer chose to react so harshly.

  2. Uh, dude was in a friggin wheelchair. Even if he had a knife the police had no threat to themselves or other shoppers. Not only that, he quickly fired six shots and followed up with a final kill shot. Looked like an execution to me. I don’t see how this isn’t unjustified homicide. This is not going play well in Peoria.

  3. Oh, 9 shots my mistake. Also, consider this a police officer who is the militaristic enforcement arm of the government was working for a corporation when he killed this man

  4. Geez, dude, there’s a big red emergecy stop button on it somewhere, just kick it and he’ll stop.

    I don’t like getting cut either, but if you came in from behind he’d either need six foot articulated arms, or help from someone else to prod you, and judging from the way he fell out of the chair, he probably would have been pretty easy to push out too if you REALLY had to get medieval on his ass..

    …personally, I think it would have been fun to see where he went. Yeah, he COULD have had something else on him but you were locked and loaded obviously, and every single person at Lowes could have outrun him at a slow walk…

  5. Exactly why I never say I back all cops. The truth is before the BLM shit, real police reform was catching on.

    I hope they charge this guy with 1st degree murder, but they probably won’t because nobody will care because his victim was white.

  6. The more miserable you make the job, the fewer applicants you will receive. The fewer applicants you receive, the lower your standards must fall for acceptance if you must maintain headcount. Policing attracts people who like to exercise authority over others. It’s fundamental to the job. The desire to exercise authority over others ranges from a center of ‘tolerable’ to an extreme of psychopathic. Reducing standards for employment means increasing the distance in range from center. It really cannot be otherwise.

  7. Killed for shoplifting a toolbox. No doubt Tucson has a lot of that going on, considering its proximity to the the mexican border.
    Deep pockets WM is going to pay dearly for this one.

  8. Bad shoot? Absolutely. White male victim? No media traction unless they can somehow equate this to a black person being oppressed somewhere and by gum, they’ll twist themselves into a pretzel to make it happen.

  9. The dude in the wheelchair was (obviously) surplus population.
    Not essential like BLM and ANTIFA rioters, for instance.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. The video does not square with the narrative that this guy was working security at Walmart.

    The “loss prevention” he mentions is Walmart security, Walmart does not hire off-duty cops for this. The guy also had radio communications with dispatch, was in uniform, and had a call sign,”Bravo One Eight”. T\It sounds to me like this guy was on duty working and got a call to respond to Walmart, initiated by loss prevention. Once he got there, that’s when things went down. Under this scenario, Walmart is not liable.

  11. …you know, it occurs to me, Officer, that you’re in a hardware store/lumberyard, and MUCH more mobile than your target, plus there’s two of you. One of you can go get a nice, long board or even just a dowel rod and swat the guy’s hands off the control from 4-6 feet away and keep doing it until he gets pissed and tries to get up if you need to, THEN you might have a case. If he GRABS it, just yank him out of the chair with it.

    As it stands,though, you HAVE no case.

    All you have HERE, is murder.

    (you know, you ALSO could have made a SPORT of it with so many leaf blowers, air compressors, pumpable liquid dispensers, propane torches, lawn tractors, etc., right there and ready to commmendeer and deploy as needed, but NOOOO, with that panoply of unconventional AND non-leathal weapons at your disposal, a veritable arsenal of effective options that could make for an amusing perp shaming video as well, but all YOU can think of is your GUN…)

  12. They could have had extra cops there waiting for when the guy came out of Lowe’s and peacefully arrested him.
    That was ridiculous.
    The cop sounded drunk or stoned too.

  13. The dude in the wheelchair couldn’t have turned around and stabbed the cop. I agree he had to be stopped from going into a store while waving a knife around. Grab the electric wheelchair and tip it over. They are heavy. but it’s possible.

  14. According to the Walmart employee, Richards said, “If you want me to put down the knife, you’re going to have to shoot me,” Magnus said.

  15. And hiring off-duty police is pretty Park Avenue for most retail locations. Sears did it back in the ’80’s but soon switched to untrained teenage girls instead with pretty much the results you’d expect because ACTUAL cops were too expensive AND tended to take naps in the monitor room (one left the door open once while he was sawing logs for everyone to see is how I know that), and retail is very ‘woke’ and considering how a Lowe’s would attract Hispanic laborers who don’t want to see actual cops, I would be surprised if that’s actually there AS security…

  16. “The review of the entire video and circumstances would support his position,” Mr. Storie said, acknowledging that he himself had not seen the entirety of video footage. “I’ve just seen the cut-and-paste dog-and-pony show presented by Chief Magnus.”

    The encounter ended at a Lowe’s, but it began across the street at a Walmart, the police said.

    Shortly before 6 p.m. Monday, a Walmart employee contacted Mr. Remington, who was working as a security officer at the retailer, and said that a man in a motorized wheelchair had stolen a toolbox, Chief Magnus said.

    The employee said that he had asked Mr. Richards for a receipt for the toolbox, according to the chief. “Instead of providing a receipt,” Chief Magnus said, “Mr. Richards brandished a knife and said, ‘Here’s your receipt.’ Officer Remington wanted Mr. Richards to stop and to surrender his knife. Mr. Richards refused to comply and instead continued to head through the Walmart and Lowe’s parking lots.”

    According to the Walmart employee, Mr. Richards had said, “If you want me to put down the knife, you’re going to have to shoot me,” Chief Magnus said.

    Officer Remington and another officer warned the man not to enter the Lowe’s, Chief Magnus said. “When Mr. Richards failed to stop, Officer Remington fired nine rounds, striking him in the back and side.”

    Brick P. Storts III, a lawyer who had recently represented Mr. Richards in criminal matters, including a charge of transporting illegal immigrants, said his client had a lengthy rap sheet dating to when he was a teenager that included being charged and convicted of attempted first-degree murder.

  17. What an asshole. WTF was that last round all about? He must have been trying to improve his group. I know a lot of LE that have retired early in the last four years or so. They all mention the usual, de fund the Po Po, etc, etc. But they also mention the lack of quality with the new recruits. This looks like a good example. Sub Par IQ with a badge and a God complex. That old man pissed him off. I hope this jack ass spends a long time behind bars.

  18. Well sounds the victim was a POS as well, so now a win win situation, two pieces of shit eliminated from the country.
    Sorry, I still say any cop who shoots someone in the back who is in a wheelchair and not a threat to him is a POS and needs to be charged with murder.

  19. Brad, I wonder if they’re teaching them this shit or these guys believe the movies.
    I know they used to be taught two to the chest, one to the head, but in the past few years I’ve seen many of them emptying their guns or at least continuing firing after there is no longer a threat.

    For the bystanders, good thing he was so close or he more than likely would have hit several of you. Very few cops have I ever seen who could shoot the broad side of a barn.

  20. Old Racist White Woman

    One of my retired LE buddies opened up a gun store. He’s a Post Certified trainer (certified to train LE and SWAT). His department had their own range. So these guys were offered free range time, free ammo, and free instruction. He says virtually nobody ever took advantage of it except for the guys that already could shoot. He went on to say a lot of them struggled quarterly qualification.

  21. Murder. I don’t care what the man in the wheelchair did. I don’t care if he had been Fauci, there was no justification for shooting a man in a wheelchair with NO physical threat to anyone.

    I will reverse my opinion if they find that he had a trigger and was going to set off a nuclear bomb in the city.

    There. Done. Now put him in jail … the same one the J9 ‘prisoners’ are in. And never let him out.

  22. See? HIS gun went off NINE TIMES, ALL BY ITSELF! That’s just like MINE did, I tells ya, they should be BANNED, and POLICE should be banned TOO, at least for you little people because guns are SO dangerous they even leap up and kill people in the hands of an important man like ME…

  23. The Dems plan is to have cops such as this perform magazine dumps on people who fail to produce a vaccine card when trying to enter any store. This cop deserves the death penalty. That man in the wheelchair probably had mental issues. Meanwhile, black thugs are walking out of high end stores with thousands worth of merchandise while cops stand by and watch and an old, crippled man takes a toolbox and gets shot in the back nine times. The world has gone nuts.

  24. Was the officer sure the man was handicapped or just using the mobility chair, was there concern that he might have a firearm on his person, was allowing him back into the store with innocent bystanders a good move?
    Sorry but if you threaten people with a deadly weapon you deserve the consequences.

  25. One shot might have been wise, the old coot was a shoplifter and unable to grasp reality…ie cops telling him to stop. Plus, the victim was white and we can assume a white supremacy nut .

  26. One inexplicability of life which I’ve never been able to square is why, if you have a dangerous job and your safety/job security depended on mastering a certain set of skills, why you would not master those skills to the best of your ability.

    Why do cops get fat, out of shape, become inept at firearms proficiency, not stay abreast of ever-changing case law or new arrest techniques, or (and probably the most problematic) take regular stock of your well-being wrt am I getting jaded or losing focus as to my primary objective re: serving my community?

  27. Jeebus! All the off-duty LEO had to do was give the old dirty bastard a WoodShampoo(tm)

    Brad is right about the Lowes cashier too – the LEO didnt move to the side to clear his line of fire. Could have easily hit the cashier.

  28. Rich Taylor

    Absolutely. Especially when you consider training might make the difference in going home at night. And especially now days.

  29. So many other options besides murdering an old man in a wheelchair. OMG!! He’s getting away!!

    Cop must’ve been making up for all the times those high school girls called him a pussy

  30. Not a justified shooting. Literally, overkill. The cop should be charged with at least manslaughter. If the perp in the wheel chair had a bomb or gun, then he gets blown away.
    Otherwise, just get behind him, tase and disarm him. Wheel him to a police van and be amused by his threats.
    Even though the dirtbag ironically may have deserved meeting his doom this shouldn’t have been the way.

  31. You know, it would have been just as effective if the cop had kicked over the wheelchair.
    Even if the perp falls on the knife and is injured or dies, a suspension would probably be the only punishment the cop would have faced.

  32. @ SNS DECEMBER 2, 2021 AT 11:47 AM

    Dude thought of his firearm like it was a hammer and everything looks like a nail. It was his go-to instead of last resort.


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