This should be posted every week – Mark Robinson Speech (Lt. Guv of NC)

If you haven’t seen – watch

Robinson says, about reparations, “no one owes you a cent. You OWE!”

He explains why.

The left must LOATHE this man.

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  1. Oh, that was good. Spoken like an evangelist.

    But what did you expect from someone with white privilege?

  2. I wish that slavery never had existed in this country. Just think no Obama or big mike, Oprah, saint Floyd, thug football and basketball. They would all be happier in their native country.

  3. I like the heck out of Lt. Gov. Robinson! He could be a good VP pick for either Trump or DeSantis. Speaking of Trump, he needs to get away from the jab discussions. That alone could bring him down. Sure, take credit for getting things through the FDA in record time, but if these mRNA jabs prove to be the poison that they could be he needs to change tactics quickly. And, why is he not raising all kinds of hell over the political prisoners in DC?

  4. Not supporting slavery in any context, BUT

    I’m willing to bet most slaves lived a higher standard of living as a slave, (in America), than living in their own country beforehand.

  5. joe6pak, I’ve been saying that even before they approved the mrna for emergency use. I had already read up on the shit.

    I also feel as if he threw those on Jan. 6 to the wolves.

  6. He is amazing to listen to . I wish all would. I work with so many who never heard of him. They are all so lost in Democratic loyalty. Say prayers everyday! Please!

    God Bless us all!

  7. The N.C. Lt. Governor is as wonderful, gumble and down to earth as you can imagine.

    Recently, I got to shake hand and thank Mr. Robinson for his service. All I could think of doing was to tell him I voted for him and thank him repeatedly.

    I just was so excited to meet him, couldn’t think straight enough to discuss the issues I agree with him about. Still it was an honor to be meet him.


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