This sounds like an indictment of deer to me

Great short nature video about the transformation of Yellowstone National Park has, what I consider, an indictment of deer, which vindicates deer hunters.

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  1. Elk not deer are shown in the video. The people who did the captioning were not even smart enough to figure that out.
    The largest driver of the Yellowstone ecosystem in our lifetime has been the fire in 1988.
    Propaganda film 101.

    But I love to eat and kill deer and elk so the shout out to us venison eaters out here is greatly appreciated Mr Fur

  2. Extrapolate this idea to what the Federal Income Tax did to destroy true Liberty in America and thus trash Hope in the entire world.

  3. Mother Nature is a lot smarter than man. Climate change is idiocy’s latest try at interference. Puny humans have to be reminded over and over, that they are not in control.

  4. So, in areas where you cannot reintroduce wolves, replace them with human deer hunters. I make a venison stroganoff to die for.

  5. We were tasked with being the right and proper conservators of this planet. The first part of that important word is “CONSERV”.
    As Conservatives, we want to maintain the proper balance and use of natural resources.
    Think about applying shampoo. The bottle says apply liberally, meaning use a lot.
    To use something conservatively means that you are using it in moderation to ensure it lasts a long time.
    To be good conservators and custodians of all things natural, one absolutely must be a conservative.
    To manage natural resources as a liberal would mean to turn the planet into a vast desert with nothing available for future generations.

  6. A propaganda video. Nature is wonderful because libs reintroduced a dangerous species that previously was no threat.

    It’s true that the fire of 1988 that Frank mentioned is what devastated the area and id took years for the area to recover.

  7. What an asshat. Click his twitter feed. It’s all anti Trump. This video is anti everything a Pro Wolf. Which are killing cattle and sheep again.

  8. This guy’s entire twitter is anti-trump, gun confiscation, left-tard propaganda. Why should true Americans treat him as anything but a domestic enemy?


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