This Today Show “Comedy Skit” With Lauer Butt Slapping Didn’t Age Well

11 Comments on This Today Show “Comedy Skit” With Lauer Butt Slapping Didn’t Age Well

  1. Question.

    Could this sudden gigaton burst of moral outrage be designed to distract us from anything else going on right now?

  2. Yeah it appears to be the new Ice Bucket Challenge………something to get your Facebook cred for a few weeks. The rush to victimhood is amazing but only second to the rush to act concerned and sensitive to it.

  3. This is all about returning to President Trump’s grab ’em by the pu$$y comment. Wait and see. You heard it here first.

  4. I think Trumps’ pussy grab statement is the catalyst for all this ‘mish’egas. But the targets look kinda Bannon-inspired, do they not? It’s not McDonalds, but I’m lovin’ it.

  5. @Corona, you’re right. It looks as though it’s the liberals being exposed. How many conservatives have been exposed versus the liberal white men? Or is that on the way? It’s been a popcorn day for the past several weeks and more to come. I’m still waiting for Roseanne Barrs prediction of more pedophiles being exposed. It’s comical to watch Matt Lauer play the victim – 5 years ago and look at today. Gloat!

  6. I subscribe to a simpler theory –
    human’s are lemmings and respond to fad-like behavior.
    Women decided to try and take down a powerful person (because they can’t seem to take down Trump) and it’s snowballed into “a thing” now.
    And the notion that “YOU MUST” take everything a woman claims at face value is being virtue signalled by other powerful men and they swiftly do the women’s bidding and chop the head off the other guy.

    It’s not a squirrel.
    It’s not a shift in values and morals.
    It’s Cabbage Patch dolls for adults.

  7. @BFH

    💥 I’ve come to realize that women are adult children. RARELY do I run across a female professional that is even-keel in her aggressiveness and childishness.

    💥 Most women are attention-seeking babies. That’s how you get them to prostitute themselves for Hollywood camera time. They are fine with it.

    💥 The KISS song, “Girls love money, like bees to honey” stands the test of time.

    💥”Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” —Henry Kissinger

    💥 It IS a fad. First is “Gay-everything” then Confederate statues, “Trans-everything” and now “Sexual-assault-everything.”

    💥 They will set this up, burn down their entire party to get rid of Trump with the same template. No matter. They’ll build it up again with millions of illegal democrat voters.

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