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This Video is For All the “Shoot Them in the Leg” Morons

The pResident of the United States even said to “shoot them in the leg.”

This is why, among everything else, he is an a$$hole.

“Why does anyone need more than 6 shots?” – Joe “fukkin idiot” Biden

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  1. Google:

    austin mounted police shooting

    The first link explains why those cops could’ve used a single bullet and couple of horses.


  2. Thank goodness the perp wasn’t negro.
    Those cops’d be in a world of shit.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. @ aircubed MARCH 18, 2023 AT 9:49 AM

    What’s with holstering their weapons?

    My M.O. when hunting big game is it ain’t safe until I poke it in the eye and it don’t blink. Until that point the gun is on the animal and the safety is off.

  4. Why did that stupid cop allow that maniac to get to him? If he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger on another human being, he could have at least run for his life. What a dumbass.

  5. Drugged up VC in Nam…shoot to break the leg if you need to talk with them, other wise they go down and pop back up from lack of pain and don’t stay down till they bleed out.

  6. The one thing I seem to notice is that Military guys want to close the distance & neutralize (Israeli Martial Arts) but coppers many times try ti diffuse & back up until its time to not back up.

    What if this was in a pharmacy with other people around? At one of my plazas the tenant was PISSED that the LEO’s didn’t get between HER & The Perp. but hung out at the Doorway. He was very close to her with a knife.

  7. That’s an excellent example why “Center Mass” went by the wayside 40 years ago. We shoot CNS today boys. Central Nervous System. It’s the width of the eye, 12 inches down. That’s your target, don’t screw it up. Lol

  8. Kcir
    MARCH 18, 2023 AT 10:24 AM

    “…and maybe an axe from that firetruck.”

    …you make a good point. This is why the cops should not let nuts and criminals close on fire trucks and why you can’t driveba fire truck into a riot.

    There are a LOT of unsecured items in and on a fire truck, including axes that are mounted externally for easy access if a hose has to be cut or an entry made, and lots of other things that could be used as weapons or criminal tools as well.

    And you CAN’T lock it up. People could die while you’re fumbling for your keys, or trying to work a frozen lock.

    There’s one multi-tool in particular called a Hallgen tool that could be particularly nasty. Tool steel, can be several feet long, with a wedge and a pick on one end and a pickle fork on the other. Commonly called a “Hooligan tool” because you can make forcible entry into most things quickly with it, and could be very dangerous in drug-crazed hands for its weight and reach alone.

    ht tps://

    …lots of other naughtiness on there too.

    Does NOT belong in an active perp scene.

    Not sure why it was there, usually for those and other reasons LEO tells FD to stage somewhere until the scene is at least theoretically secured. But they seem to have let that guy walk a LONG way tho, so maybe this WAS the staging area.

    Bottom line; lots of quickly available pointy and heavy things on a firetruck.

    Don’t let bad guys on one.

  9. The whole video is five to ten minutes long if not longer. The officers had backed up all the way down that street where you first see the perp. They backed up so far that you can’t even see their cars (in case you were wondering where their cars were).


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