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This was a thing a few years back

It was all the rage a few years back to get in on the gag of saying hi to “BigFurHat.” We lost most of them. Here are a few.

Could Monica Crowley be resurrecting the meme? Hope not. (As you will see, Monica has a tough time getting through the name without giggling a little. It’s a common reaction.)

My favorite was Michele Bachmann, who clearly says BigFairHat.

The meme was started by Cheryl Prater (longtime readers will remember her) and she had lots of these clips. Pinko made a lot of them, too.

I was a little disappointed in the “BigFairHat” Bachmann one at first, but Cheryl had a surprise for me. She had the opportunity to meet with Bachmann in her office, and once in there she did a double take. She took a snapshot of her bulletin board. I wish I still had it.

Bachmann had this image pinned up.michele-bachmann

So, on one hand, she had no idea what the hell a BigFurHat was, but, yet, she did.

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  1. HEY HEY!!! ease up on the accent thing. I live in Tennessee and we speak English. (More or less) She clearly said FIG FIR FAT!
    i keeed, BigFurHat forever.

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