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  1. @BFH – I had a T-shirt or hat slogan idea a couple of days ago that would be absolutely guaranteed to start nationwide riots. Heck, worldwide riots…

    TRUMP 2024

  2. …y’know, the grammar in that kind of reminded me of the way Master of MasterBlaster fame from the Mad Max movie, “Beyond Thunderdome” spoke, so I was going to try to do something with that. The problem was that I kept ending up with the “Thunderdome” chanting scene but everyone chanting instead, “TWO MEN ENTER! ONE MAN SUCK!”, which wasn’t AT ALL where I was trying to go with it, so I had to give it up as a lost cause…

  3. Very funny! Hint for trolls. If English is your, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. language do not attempt an insult in English. LOL!
    Although, “THIS WEB SUCK” may mean “mo money” for IOTWr. ChaChing!


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