This Week’s ‘Bowl of Stupid’ Winner: The Democrat Party

Why was it nominated? Diamond & Silk will tell you:

8 Comments on This Week’s ‘Bowl of Stupid’ Winner: The Democrat Party

  1. Those ladies sure ain’t stupid! They even remember back to Obama’s open mic promise to “work with Putin” *after* he wins the election. Shee-it.

    The Dem hypocrisy and corruption is overflowing The Bowl of Stupid. ….Lady in Red

  2. Put these 2 in the White House press briefing room, and have them rant all over the media until they just get up and walk out.

    You ever try arguing with even ONE angry black woman? It ain’t happenin’.

  3. I just love these girls. They remind me of a Token Booth Clerk in the NYC Subway, named Miss Sherly. A no nonsense lady. One night at the 110th St. Station in Harlem where she worked, a fat whore approached her and said “hey sister I need to go down town but I ain’t got no money.” Miss Shirly replied. “First of all I ain’t your damn sister, and if you want to go downtown it’s only 68 blocks
    and you could use the exercise.”
    To which the whore replied: “You ain’t nuttin but a Uncle Tom fuckin N****r, and you can kiss my black ass, bitch.”
    To which Miss Shirly replied. “You all ass bitch, where do you want me to start”?
    The whore left. I didn’t have to make a move.
    Ah the good olde days. With Miss Shirly, Diamond and Silk.

    To which Miss

  4. Give them ladies props for makin sense!

    Now maybe they can ask these two questions for us:

    1) Since the Obamboozler was spying on Donald Trump and the Trump campaign, how come they only started screaming about it 24 hours after their rottencuntovacandidate lost?

    2) If the democRATs (you know, the party of demonstrators) are so offended and bent out of shape about all this so-called “Russian Collusion” and an election “stolen” by the Russians, how come we’ve never seen one of these “patriotic”, insulted, butt-hurt democRATs demonstrating in front of the Russian Embassy?

    Cue Sam Kinison –

  5. These two marvelous ladies are just so fantastic!

    Now, play it again, but only read the captions…they can’t possibly handle Diamond’s fast talk! They’re absolutely hilarious–and then some!!!


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