This Year Democrats Served Horndogs, Crow and Humble Pie

Kurt Schlitcher explains why there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the slow roasted hypocrisy of the party that claims to be for women and their media enablers this year.


4 Comments on This Year Democrats Served Horndogs, Crow and Humble Pie

  1. Makes me wonder what sleeze was on the DNC server that was copied. Was the DNC blackmailing all these people on the Left? Is it a common source exposing these people?

    I still can’t see the motive. A smear on Trump isn’t going to work. If they had hard evidence, they would have used it.

  2. The partying Lib’s were always promiscuous when out on the town or just at home with friends when I was young, and we all knew to avoid Politics if we wanted to get laid !

  3. When there are literally hundreds of sexual abuse accusations out there agains’t democRATs, all I can say is Hypocrisy is a dish best served cold… and man it’s a nuclear winter out thar!


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