Thomas Jefferson’s Black Descendant Has Message For America


The @smithsonianmagazine is helping hold a mirror to #America & reflect how #President#ThomasJefferson not only took part in creating this country but also it’s people… black, white, brown, yellow & red! As the 6th great grandson of TJ & #SallyHemings, I’m only 1 example of how #slavery has not only separated the country but also made us more in common & connected than some may think!
Please visit the @smithsonian link in bio to read more & see the behind the scenes video for this project!
Soooooo do yall think I look like #Jefferson???????

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  1. Last that I read it was genetically proven that it was TJ’s brother that was molesting the female help.

  2. So now that they’ve ‘blackened’ history will Jefferson’s statues be exempt from destruction?

  3. good grief! … they’re PORTRAITS! … not photographs … an artists RENDITIONING!

    …. anyway, DNA can only come close to TJ’s … more likely his brother’s son … if that

    if one learns anything from genetics & ancestral records … one cannot claim lineage w/out establishment … no absolute proof, no absolute parentage

    could’a, should’a, would’a …. don’t mean shit

  4. They both have two eyes, lips, and ears, one nose, chin, forehead, and mouth. My goodness! The resemblance is uncanny.

  5. James Callender was a “National Enquirer” type of tabloid writer, defaming people for extortion opportunities. Jailed and then subsequently kicked out of England, came to America and continued smear-writing.
    Saw a likely blackmail situation with TJ & came up with the Sally Hemings lie.
    James ended up dying drunk in a puddle of water.


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