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Thomas Massie weighs in on these IRS trainees

[ Yikes! ] Oh nonononononononononono My sides.

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  1. Enforcing tyranny from a wheelchair? And, besides the dude in the wheelchair, there are no other fitness requirements from what I see in the other photo.

  2. These are not the POLICE. A lot of people are going to die at the hands of these incompetent band of misfits

  3. The morbidly obese woman in the second row playing with her hair. This will be the rule rather than the exception. Just visit a military base near you.

  4. The military can’t fill it’s quotas for enlistments. So what kind of applicants do you think the IRS is going to end up with?
    I watched a video of an instructor teaching how to breach a door way. I hope they have plenty if replacement agents available because they’re going to need them
    This is all Bull Shit anyway. What this is, is the Democrats armed forces to combat us gun love red necks.
    The IRS hasn’t done business face to face in at least 15 years. The track all of your transactions on line. If they think you owe them money they’ll send you a letter. If you don’t pay, they’ll just snatch it out of your bank account.
    I’d suggest shirts with bullseyes on them but that might dampen recruitment efforts.

  5. Oh please, what is Ironsides going to do when he approaches the steps on a front porch?

    BTW, nice teacup gripping going on in that room.

  6. The IRS goons being hired will be people with a grudge, just like the concentration camp guards the Nazis hired.

  7. It may not be far fetched to imagine these leftist-controlled, rogue, unconstitutional government agencies could join forces. The FBI and IRS are both involved in seizing properties and assets. Now, in coordination with the FBI, the IRS can rationalize being out in the “field” intimidating taxpayers. Bet this is how the Nazis started out as enforcers of a police state.

  8. Just heard yesterday that Joe signed a EO 14067 that we will be going cashless starting in December 13th.
    How’s that works? It
    I don’t know.
    Also transgenders are now covered under the ADA, so you know what’s coming there.
    They’re putting the peddle to the metal, cuz they know their time is limited.

  9. These dumbasses are going to kill many innocent people. The IRS bought all these guns and ammo awhile back, and nobody knew why. Well, this was the reason. It had to be planned and in the works for a long time, even before the purchases. Buy the guns/ammo before getting the agents so you don’t arouse as much suspicion. The elites are planning to weaponize the IRS to take away the money from conservatives. They know the population will fight back and so they arming these doofuses. IRS agents getting killed? That’s a good thing because it will give the elites a pretense to crack down on conservatives and gun owners. The solution will likely be to doxx the idiots and get them at home so that it can’t readily be blamed on their IRS duties.

  10. @CJ, The first thing “Ironsides”(😂)will do is fake a fall and sue the homeowner for not having a ramp. Then we will ALL have to have ramps.

  11. Cynic
    You are correct, however, you go to any tactical gun range, a range you can draw and shoot, you see individual that can pull and put one in the X at or under 1 second. There’s a lot of us, all conservatives, mostly Trump voters, that practice. A lot. Sooner or later these goofs are going to run into one of these peeps and it ain’t gonna be pretty.
    Looks something like this.


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