Thomas Sowell sounds alarm to Mark Levin about the left’s efforts to cripple charter schools


Hoover Institution senior fellow Thomas Sowell weighed in on what he sees as a trend across the United States to stop the growth of charter schools.

“There is very little correlation between the amount of money that you spend and the kind of education that comes out of the other end. I think most people don’t realize that charter school students don’t get the same amount of money per student as the traditional public school student does,” the author of “Charter Schools and Their Enemies” told “The Mark Levin Show” on Monday.

“More than that, if the [public school] is really failing so badly that it is just a public scandal, they will then pour more money into it. That enables the politician to say that he is really concerned about this because he has appropriated ‘X’ number of millions or billions of dollars towards that school. Of course, the money usually does nothing more than have a more expensive failure,” Sowell said. MORE

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  1. Fooxnews is generally unreliabl. I wanted read what else Mr. Sewell said and they tried to shove the Msrk Levine type on me, I did not want to hear the tape, I wanted to read what Mr. Sewell said. I hit the ejection button because I did not want to read their site rules or accept any cookies from them. I will find the material elsewhere.

  2. To Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists – oh, and Republican RINO douchebags – get your god-damned politics out of our public schools!

    If they did, we wouldn’t need charter schools.

  3. It isn’t working, so try it again with more money. I even admit I do some teaching at a public school and see this all the time.

  4. The school system’s will continue to go down the drain, as long as the teacher’s unions run the show. I never liked the concept of unions to begin with. They always want more whether it’s money, benefits, or whatever else they cry about every three year’s, and it’s never enough.

    This is why the Democrat’s want to nationalize all businesses in America, it’s money laundering plain and simple, which eventually gets funneled back to their party.


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