Those Dang Offensive Christians!

Patriot Retort: After posting my column for today, a friend of mine who lives in Texas emailed me a copy of a letter sent out from the Keller Independent School District in Keller, Texas.

Apparently, they had a speaker who, while discussing ways to alleviate stress had the horrifying audacity to “use overt language asserting his own personal Christian beliefs.”

Those dang offensive Christians!!

Sweet merciful Zeus, those poor children!!!

Exposed to a man who is a *GASP* Christian!!!!!

And, if that’s not bad enough, has the audacity to be OVERT about it!!!

Dear heavenly days!!!

The school’s principal Michael Nasra sent out a letter of apology about this horror. MORE

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  1. Nasra wrote:

    We are a diverse community that recognizes and celebrates the rights and freedoms of all people.


    No you don’t, Nasra.

    It is the right and freedom of all people to express their religious faith, and you just stomped all over someone who simply did that, and simply because he is a Christian.

  2. A Motard discussing the joys of stress of relief through goat humping, stoning, hand and head chopping would have been perfectly acceptable.

    Is this guy from Planet Loon?

  3. So, let me get this straight. A Christian expressing his religious beliefs shows disrespect to those of other beliefs? Wow, embracing freedoms now means prohibiting the expression of those freedoms? Can they get any crazier?

  4. The Education racket has a way of attracting society’s least able to reason. Absolutely panic stricken to be accused of not being politically correct. No wonder society looks down on them. Fools.

  5. “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who are really incompetent and cannot be left alone with a class, become administrators.”

  6. Thanks for sharing, Cardigan. My friend who emailed me this letter said, “Maybe you can help get the word out.” I appreciate you helping get the word out.

  7. @Left Coast Dan, what are you looking to disprove, the entire article was an incredibly weak opinion piece with zero actual facts behind its screeching suppositions. It’s like a wall of “my feelings” instead of an actual piece of logical thought with factually supported statements leading to a definitive conclusion.

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