Thousands Gather to Remember Ron Singh


Thousands gathered over the weekend to remember Newman, California, police officer Ronil Singh who was allegedly killed by illegal alien Gustavo Perez Arriaga the day after Christmas.


Arriaga has been arrested for allegedly shooting and killing Singh — a legal immigrant from Fiji — during a routine traffic stop the day after Christmas.  MORE HERE

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    “On the force, such years, with just a father of so and so MONTHS children left behind.”

    Legal hard working person, IMMIGRANT, officer of the law, gunned down by an ILLEGAL piece of shite IMMIGRANT? MULTIPLE offender!!

    Goes out, goes to work, leaves his wife and child behind, she worries.

    Child will never meet father.

    Life change forever.

    Get it asshole Dems?

  2. joe6pak

    I’ve been keeping track of rapes and murders since the shut down. And you know damn well we’re only hearing about a few. The news media in California is still not identifying the shooter as illegal. Ironically, face book, twitter, and Instagram saw to that. This mans funeral procession was staggering. I think I sent it to you and FUR.

  3. The funeral procession was impressive, sad, but impressive as can be! These open borders people that live behind walls in gated communities need to have the walls torn down! That might be a worthwhile project. We could hire illegals to go around tearing down walls. That might be worth checking into.

  4. In fact now that I think about it, what if someone organized a caravan of homeless migrants to go to Pelosi’s estate. Announce that they are coming, and they intend to camp out on her property. Someone could start a gofundme acct to sponsor the event. I would donate $500.00 right now to that. Wouldn’t it be great for Nancy to post armed guards to stop them from coming on her property. Can you imagine the pictures, the outrage? It could be the inaugural event for STFUN TV.

  5. Bad_Brad, the fake news media has adopted a policy of not including names in their crime reporting, if at all possible. Too many Frito-Banditos perpetrating. Even the little local rags are hiding the criminals. Our town paper, one of those freebies tossed in the driveway, is not including names in the police blotter anymore. They always had the perp names, up until the Trump era. As usual, it’s not just the lies the media tells, it’s also the truth they leave out.

  6. The left remains willfully blind to the negative results of their policies. Someone else’s child, husband, wife or parent is just the price that must be paid for their vision of society. Their compassion doesn’t extend to anyone who doesn’t embrace their worldview.


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