Thousands Of Churches Are About To Defy Lockdown Orders. It’s About Time


On Friday, President Trump said churches and houses of worship are “essential” and called on governors nationwide to allow them to open this weekend. If they don’t, Trump said he would “override” governors, citing forthcoming guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In remarks Thursday, the president criticized some governors who have “deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential” but not churches. “It’s not right. So I’m correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.”

Trump is right, but churches are already taking action on their own. This week in Minnesota, thousands of Catholics and Lutherans will gather in their churches in defiance of the governor, whose plan for reopening the state relegates churches and houses of worship to the status of tattoo parlors and hair salons.

It’s about time. Democratic Gov. Tim Walz is plainly violating the Constitution with his order, which limits attendance at religious services to 10 people, inside or outside. Meanwhile, places like Walmart and Home Depot and a host of other types of businesses deemed “essential” by the governor’s office are allowed to operate at half-capacity.

On its face, that’s discrimination against religious exercise, and it’s illegal. Someone should tell Walz that you can’t just issue edicts that treat churches differently than other entities and expect to get away with it. read more

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  1. So we’ll see who bows down to who, and who worships what.

    Not a new choice but an age old one that has been faced before.

    Joshua 24:15 “But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

  2. Our diocese sent a 59 page document to all the parish pastors and staff, detailing how to comply with the governor’s restrictions.
    It’s obvious the politicians and bureaucrats who direct how close worshipppers may sit have no idea what goes on in a church. Every detail of Communion (host only, no wine), singing (don’t), entering (after temperature scan) and exiting (one by one), etc. had to be addressed.
    And no, you may not be excused to go to the restroom.

  3. The church we’ve been attending has about 1000 people per service and has 2 services on normal Sundays. Janet Mills has dictated no more than 50 and all with (useless) cloth face coverings.
    Unfortunately our lead pastor has been a big disappointment during all of this crap.
    He even went as far as to criticize protestors who went to Augusta to protest Janet Mills. Claiming things someone else obviously told him that weren’t true. He sat there on his online service talking about people behaving badly and going to the state house and yelling obscenities. Never happened. He also twisted Jesus’ words to justify obeying the government.
    I, being the shy person I am, sent them a message that what he said was simply not true.
    I got a reply back with a lame excuse that he only meant some of the protesters. (NOT)
    No apology. Nothing.
    It brought to mind something I was told during a Bible class in the early 80’s. People will always disappoint you. God never will.

  4. A 59 page document of rules simply gives the government waaaay too many “opportunities” to crack down on an “infraction”! If the State cannot prevent people from attending church, they have no business dictating what they will do IN church!
    Don’t fergit to take a few blankets. There my be some rats who need a “party”!

  5. Americans are getting a primer on Demonrats tyrannical impulses. This education is so far beyond the impact decades of information provided by campaigns, speakers, authors, and other advocates for conservatives it can hardly be calculated.

    Literally millions of blue and blue tinged voters are being converted by the actions of these Marxists pricks and princesses.

    I hope idiots like Witless continue to step on their fellow Democrats, November will be glorious for America proving God works in mysterious ways.

  6. Most every church has backed down on the homo stuff. I don’t mean they all condone it, but they just KEEP ThEIR MOUTHS shut about it. They have no reservations about getting a real scrunched up look on their faces and tell you how much they HATE racism, but they stay COMPLETELY quiet about homosexuality. (don’t want to offend the homosexuals. of course that also means they have no problem offending the heck out of racists)

    And now they shut down because the gov’t tells them that they aren’t essential but a pot shop is, or a homo swingers club in Michigan is)

    I know pastors are not infallible. I just expect them to be better than me, or else what’s the use of having a leader that is no better than me at following the Word. I don’t go to church just to listen to someone who is no better at acting out the gospel than i am. Seems pointless, doesn’t it?

  7. @TRF: to clarify, the 59 page document was written by the diocese in a good faith effort to abide by the vague governmental restrictions to maintain 6ft. distance at all times. Every action like Presentation of the Gifts (now suspended) and Distribution of Communion (only by the gloved and masked priest) had to be reviewed and addressed as compliant or not.

    My point was that the lefty atheist politicians and bureaucrats have no clue what their policies involve in the actual implementation. (Same goes for the restrictions they place on businesses, as most of them have never run one or even worked for one that tried to make a profit.)

  8. Up here in the North Country of New York State, we are waiting for our Bishop’s balls to drop and tell Cuomo to stuff it.
    I might just drive the distance and attend an SSPX Mass in the meantime.

  9. Next time POTUS and Congress are Leftist controlled, watch the pressure put on churches that want to keep tax exempt status…prove you have sodomites on staff or else, no political talk from pulpits or else, etc.

  10. Curios, how does the State telling worshipers when, where, with whom and how they can conduct their services constitute the “free exercise thereof” their religion?

  11. Our leftist lesbian atheist governor issues her edicts, and our wushu washy bishop bends over backwards to comply with his 59 page guide. We are limited to 25 people at mass. 25! We have to make reservations to attend. I am pretty sure our priest has better ideas, but he has taken the vow of obedience.

  12. Fauci was in on the plot to destroy the economy. Knew it from the first day i saw that weasel on the news.

  13. Somehow I doubt the police will go to a mosque and issue citations or make arrests for violating the draconian orders.

  14. This socialist plandemic has certainly created the long overdue shaking of the Christian Church in America – separating the wheat from the chaff.
    Congregations surrendering to Statist mandates will lose God’s favor. It will reveal some churches are spiritual dead and will no longer exist.
    God desires spritually strong churches that serve Him based on His word and guided by the Holy Spirit.
    Ignoring leftist governors and mayors mandates prohibiting church assembly can be the best thing to happen to American Christian churches in a long time.
    God always honors faithfulness. Churches standing with God will prosper and survive this plandemic.


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