Thousands of “#Walk-Away Bots” Leave the Democrat Party in Wyoming

The left smugly and assuredly declared #Walk-Away a hoax perpetrated by “bots.”

The fact that there were hundreds and hundreds of real people making videos and testimonials, explaining that they had had enough of the thuggish, dictatorial, totalitarian, anti-free speech democrat party, meant nothing to them.

Well, Wyoming is reporting a massive switch of party affiliation in the state. Nearly ten thousand people walked away from the democrat party and registered as republicans.



9 Comments on Thousands of “#Walk-Away Bots” Leave the Democrat Party in Wyoming

  1. Of course the left had to lie about it. They lie about everything.

    Now, just so those party switchers don’t vote for RINOs. Because you just know that the uniparty will start backing “moderate” Republicans against our conservatives. So, if you happen to strike up a conversation with a WalkAway, try to clue them in about how that goes.

  2. What exactly do democRATs have to run on?
    Lower taxes? Nope. They openly state they will raise taxes.
    Better economy? Nope. They openly wish for a recession so they can win an election.
    Stronger Military? Nope. They apologize to the world for having a military.
    Better relations with Police? Nope. I give you Black Live Matter.
    They prefer “diversity” over unity and divide people along all lines of religion, color, sex, sexual preference and made up preferences!
    They go NUTHIN to run on except confusion, chaos and violence!

  3. @TRF, The Leftists have 5 planks to their platform. Each of the five describes a different method of killing off the entire Trump family.

  4. A corollary to the question on why the average person would vote for a Democrat is the question ‘Why does the media give their unwavering support to the incompetent Democrat politicians?’

  5. Yer right, but I’m not sure how that differs from all the other Hate they always sell at election time… along with a bottle of Hope & Change® to wash it down with!

  6. Recalibrating…this is Fake News…stand by for Fact-Checking…recalibrating…White Nationalists mobs are terrorizing Democrats in Wyoming…recalibrating…Women of Wyoming are being bullied by their men…recalibrating…recalibrating…recalibrating…sources close to the matter say…recalibrating…f–k you, America…update complete.


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