Thousands Take To NYC’s Times Square With Chants Of ‘F*ck Joe Biden!’

“Chants of ‘F*ck Joe Biden’: Thousands Take To NYC’s Times Square To Protest Vaccine Mandates And Vaccine Passports In Biggest U.S. Protest Yet.

20 Comments on Thousands Take To NYC’s Times Square With Chants Of ‘F*ck Joe Biden!’

  1. Wondering how they actually voted. Little to late assholes. Do us a favor and realize how fucking stupid you are and never cast a vote again.

  2. I have had a FUCK TRUDEAU sticker on my truck for 2 years now.

    Election day is tomorrow and the Fuckin bastard will get re-elected with another minority. I bet he looses a few seats but still gets to lisp like a man slut on TV for at least another 2 years.

    Fuck Me! Toronto & Dominion will deliver the win.

  3. Where are the DC Fed Chads and Stormtroopers?? It’s almost as if they were so busy ginning up a false flag in their own back yard, that events are-overtaking them elsewhere in the real world. I told you these jumped-up jackboot jackasses were no match for spontaneous action by real people.

  4. @ Brad,
    I believe that the 2020 election proved definitively that WE don’t elect anybody and that goes for new yorkers as well.

  5. Gotta agree with Wild Bill. These are the people that voted for Warren Wilhelm, aka Bill DiBlasio. When they go to the polls, all they have to do is see the D beside the name & pull the lever. Job done. So, don’t tell me that they have turned against the husk now that he has shown what he has been his entire life in politics. A petty tyrant with a room temperature I,Q. & dementia to boot.

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