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Threatening Flyers Turn Out To Be ‘Shock Theater’

An outfit on Long Island that specializes in putting on intimate (2 to 3 participants) “haunted house” style horror performances, “Shock Theater” has added a political element to their shows and in the process put out a flyer that many found troubling, to say the least.  

Last summer the group created a sort of decent into anarchy show titled “We the People.” Described on their web site as being neither pro or anti-Trump, participants play the role of Trump supporters in 2020 campaigning for the president who discover that things have “fallen apart.”

In promoting the show this year the theater’s PR department came up with a flyer declaring “Death Camps For Trump Supporters Now!!!” A now former member of the organization was a bit too zealous in distributing the flyers, confusing many as to the actual meaning and purpose of the message.  More

11 Comments on Threatening Flyers Turn Out To Be ‘Shock Theater’

  1. Add this to list of leftists advocating violence. Use it against them when they claim the right is violent.

  2. “We want unity. We want peace. Sometimes you need to tell a story to get your point across,”
    My big ol’ white butt.

  3. I have finished a prolonged enhanced firearm training course including a close quarter, scenario based, home defense, crowded area shooting, quick draw etc. Lots of shooting practice. I would recommend these courses to everyone. We should all be packing. I know that it is by no means an absolute guarantee that I’ll not be killed by some random Antifa shooter or other crazed lib. But I promise to take as many of these mutherfuckers as I can with me when my time comes.

  4. I went to the Shock Theater link. WOW! What a bunch of sick fucks.
    Insert yourself into your own thrilling story; with “Full physical contact; blood; nudity; electricity”. “Psychological, intense, and graphic”.
    Sounds like a bunch of people just itching for when the laws change and they can engage in the real stuff.

  5. Too many completely unhinged people with crazy for brains and ice for hearts. The Left have been promoting and protecting violence against any who are not in lockstep with their “overlord” plans. Discernment is not such a big word, more peeps out there need to become better friends with its meaning.

    Ears that hear and eyes that see — the Lord has made them both. Proverbs 20:12


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