Threats To Sue President For Twitter Block

A couple of Twitter users who have trolled the President’s account have found an advocacy group willing to threaten to sue the executive branch if the accounts aren’t unblocked.  They’re arguing that the President’s Twitter account is a “public forum” and that they have some kind of 1st amendment right to make rude and tasteless comments on the President’s Twitter feed.


16 Comments on Threats To Sue President For Twitter Block

  1. I swear these people are children.

    Trump should pretend he is texting only republicans and that’s why liberals can’t see the actual text. Just the punctuation.
    Like this
    So then I said ” ” they don’t see anything but ” ” or .?
    They would poop there diapers

  2. Let them sue. It may be the Presidents twitter account but it belongs to Donald Trump who just happens to be the President. When they lose the case the Judge has to award costs to the defendent and with Trumps legal team that could be in the hundreds of thousands. Then Trump sues them for launching a frivolous lawsuit, one that had to know would lose and only did it to harass Trump.

  3. Morons! Nobodys Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever is guaranteed access by the 1st amendment. You people are so damn stupid you’re lucky breathing is an involuntary function.

  4. I don’t even know how “blocking” works. Or Twitter, for that matter. But I’m sure the NYT will explain how Trump is putting his fascist touch on Twitter. And their comments section will be closed when they do.

  5. What they’re counting on is another anti-Trump, leftist judge to rule in their favor, despite any reasoning or legal precedence.

  6. Actually, this could be in court for years before a decision is reached if Trump decides to litigate it.

  7. Next up: DC homeless meth addicts sue Donald Trump for not letting them move into the Lincoln Bedroom.
    Because, public property, and stuff.

  8. They can choose to make their own account a “public forum”. And they know nobody gives a rat’s ass what they have to say.

  9. LOL, I read an article about this an hour or so ago and silly me, she stated in the article it was the “@realDonaldTrump” account and I managed to stay within the mindset that she was referring to the POTUS one. Now that I know better, I will actually call her stupid rather than just feel a condescending kind of pity. How in the world could she possibly beleive she has ANY right to see Trump’s private account?????

  10. “‘Well, the president is the President of the United States, so they’re considered official statements by the President of the United States,’ a befuddled Spicer said.”

    Where did Trump find this joker? If the president says he purchased toilet paper, is that also an official statement because he said it? People are better off listening to Sean Spicier.

  11. Trump – “Wanna sue me? Take a number and get in line. Your case might come around in 30 years.”

  12. As Corky said. Trump’s not blocking them from reading him.
    He’s blocking them from posting responses.
    And we’re all glad he did.

  13. Twitter, a place where a conservative can’t make five posts before being banned by the management. But Trump blocks people who post fouls memes non-stop, and it’s suddenly a civil rights issue.

    Jesus, I hate the fucking left. I hate them with marrow deep passion. They are so full of shit. And they are destroying the rule of law every goddamn day.

  14. Their underwear is in a bunch because their responses are neither intelligible or well thought out, but just a lot of crap tied together with illiterate speech idioms. Back to your fun and games!

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