Three Letter Abbreviation For Obama

Ariana Grande tweeted out “imy” (I miss you) for Barack Obama Monday. I thought  we should do the same. Be sure to add what your abbreviation stands. Here

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  1. I like MMM – Marxist Muzlim Mallard, but hey he’s also an LPBSPHGOSGPBDDHISISSIFJCMPBRMDCOFFKK
    as in lousy, phoney-baloney, bitch-slapped, pussy-hatted, Gay-obsessed, sheet-grabbing, pillow-biting, duplicitous Deserter-honoring, ISIS supporting, Iran-Funding, Jihad-coddling, maladroit, plastic banana republic Manchurian Doorknob, Communist Organizing, Feckless Fruitloop, Kenyan Kremepuff too!

    Pick Three

  2. (To the tune of “Do, Re, Mi”)

    BHO – A fraud. A lying fraud,
    REY – The king he thinks he is,
    (en Espanol)
    ME! – his total favorite thing,
    FAR – where race-baiting got him,

    SOW – Michelle in a muu-muu,
    LAW – The thing Obama breaks,
    TEA – He licks it off Reggie,

    That will bring us back to B…H…Uh-Oh…

    …there. all three letters. If you count (!) as a letter, that is…

  3. Well crap I missed the three letter rule.

    OK –

    NTB No Top Bar

    MOG Michelle O’s Girl

    Better now.

  4. IIT Illegitimate IN TOTO

    Actually, I think he was(is) simply VJ’s limp sock puppet (VJSP). I’ve heard she’s always had apishly busy hands.



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