Three Ways Dems Cheat At The Polls

The latest Prager University video gives a quick primer by investigative reporter Eric Eggers of three easily fixable voter fraud techniques. Watch

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  1. The fixes are easy:
    1. Voter I.D. The argument that voter I.D. disenfranchises voters is bullshit – one needs a form of I.D. for anything else. Voter I.D. will disenfranchise ineligible voters. Besides, if you can’t figure out how to get a voter I.D., you should not be voting.
    2. Require voter rolls to be purged at least every 10 years – preferably during a census year. Ideally, purging should be done more frequently, but at least with a 10 year requirement, it should get done.
    3. Return to “old” technology. Paper ballots cast at a polling place. You have to go to the polling place. Absentee ballots must be mailed in. We can figure out how to get people to polling places, and if you can’t work the U.S. mail, you shouldn’t be voting in the first place.
    4. If a ballot is handled by anyone who is not officially affiliated with the election process, that ballot is invalid. Ballot harvesting is a system designed for abuse. If you need to set up a polling place in a nursing home, then do so. But having special interest groups pick up and deliver ballots is asking for fraud.
    Yes, these would be inconvenient. Democracy is inconvenient. Representative government is inconvenient. Having to monitor the jackasses we send to our state capitals and Washington D.C. is inconvenient. But the more we try to make the voting process “convenient,” the more the paid fraudsters will hijack our system of government for their own purposes.

  2. California uses these and some others. a few years ago the oldest voter was 149 .
    That is how clean the rolls are.

  3. Makes one wonder just how many elections have been stolen, I know of a few with certainty but many many more very questionable over the years.
    This has to be a priority, an absolute must!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Will the “harvested” ballots still be delivered in the trunk of a car, even though they weren’t “found” in there? I’d hate to see that Democrat tradition just disappear.

  5. I’ve voted in every election since I was of legal age to do so. Upon my passing I have to wonder if I’ll stop?


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