Thriving Glaciers and Doomed Environmentalists

Sultan Knish: “This August I visited Glacier National Park in Montana,” Gianna Kelly, the founder of Climb for Conservation, wrote in the Huffington Post. “I am still stunned to have learned the following fact: by 2020, no glaciers will exist in Glacier National Park.”

Kelly, who had worked for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, wrote that back in the first year of the Obama administration. It might stun her more to learn that Obama is out of the White House and that the glaciers of Glacier National Park are still there and waiting to be visited.

Throughout the Obama era, visitors to Glacier National Park were frequently harangued with false claims that the glaciers would all be gone in a decade. These warnings decorated dioramas and trash cans even as the hysterical propaganda become more ridiculous with every passing year.

The snow lay heavy on Logan Pass, when I arrived in July 2017. Visitors stomped through thick snow to reach the Hidden Lake Overlook. The alpine meadows of the Hanging Gardens didn’t live up to their name. Instead of the wildflowers that most visitors expected, there were nearly endless fields of white. Mountain goats, unaware that they were threatened by the supposed rising temperatures that were warming Glacier’s glaciers into extinction, eyed us suspiciously as we tried not to slip on the ice.

Sperry Glacier, a frequent target for environmentalist doommongers, was still there in the distance.

Next year, there was a 30-year snow record at Glacier. Snow removal crews in late April were struggling with drifts of between 10 to 20 feet. East Glacier Park Village measured 284 inches of snow.

Glacier National Park recorded “one of the coldest winters on record” this year. And across Montana, record wind chill temperatures hit 68 below zero in Bozeman and 59 below zero in Helena. In Great Falls, the temperature stayed below freezing for 32 days until the beginning of March.

In time for the 2019 summer season at Glacier National Park, the embarrassing signs claiming that the glaciers won’t be there next year have begun coming down. But the doomsday predictions won’t leave.   read more

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  1. Just as they wish for our POTUS to fail, they wish for the climate to do the same.

    Dear God, what is wrong with these people?

  2. I have relatives living on both sides of Glacier Park and frequent the park. I can’t put into words how relieved I will be to not have to put up with the GW propaganda. It was absolutely ubiquitous.

  3. With a propaganda press, you can say anything and get away with it. No one will be held accountable, no corrections will be published in the establishment media. Many visitors from the past will assume the glaciers disappeared on schedule.

  4. C’mon people – let’s get a lot of people out there with extension cords and hair dryers and make this happen. There are a lot of environmentalist charlatans out there counting on these glaciers being gone by next year.

  5. See, I was right! I just predicted the sea levels would rise. It’s actually the glaciers that are rising. Hey, it’s all water!–Bill Nye the Retard Guy.

  6. I love words.
    Pros and cons,,,
    Space exploration = Oxygen
    Mount Everest = If you live
    Was hoping to start a comment suggestion add-on thingy here by this,,,
    no offense meant,,,
    I have more stock in polls done here in the comments section at IOTW than any where else,,

  7. Maybe a few burning tires a day should be tossed on it?

    I mean, whatever it takes to prove GW, right?

  8. I have backpacked or day-hiked in Glacier for 10 straight years. One year I decided to attend a Ranger talk. She skewed her spiel to convince the dumb masses Global Warm……I mean climate change is responsible for the glaciers disappearing. One couple (with Obama t shirt….true story) from Rhode Island (they admitted it) asked when most glaciers went away and she said about 60,000 years ago. I almost laughed watching the RI guy dwell on 60,000 years ago…when he put 2 and 2 together and realized Henry Ford wasn’t around with the assembly line back then….so maybe there is another explanation. It is SO fun to watch a libtard learn something.

  9. The AGW flying saucer has failed to land and take the
    “true believers” into their pie in the sky eco-nirvana.
    If they sit on that glacier long enough maybe they
    can figure out some other bullshit cult to follow.

  10. The same hoax is being used to terrify the Pacific islanders that live on the low atolls in western Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. Places like the RMI, Republic of the Marshall Islands. Even Guam which isn’t an atoll island and has small mountains.

    Nearly everywhere they hold events to encourage people to be aware, demand the other governments of the world do something to help them save their ancestral homes. Blaming every environmental change on AGW, such as changes in the declining growth rate of coconuts, breadfruit, perceived decline in fish populations, and more intense and damaging typhoons. The belief in the hoax creating anger at the US government for pulling out of the Paris and Kyoto plans to defeat AGW.

    I can understand their worry when they live on an island where the highest point is 8 feet above sea level. But the enviro whackjobs really ought to be ashamed of the propaganda they push to unnecessarily convince these people their homes will soon be lost to their grandchildren. The homes of their ancestors’ islands submerged below the sea surface.


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