Throwback Thursday: Trump’s Best Thanksgiving Tweets


We’re helping you celebrate Thanksgiving with a compilation of President Donald Trump’s most festive tweets.

In 2013, Trump hit everyone with a real zinger, wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone — “even the haters and losers.”

Tweets are here


9 Comments on Throwback Thursday: Trump’s Best Thanksgiving Tweets

  1. Contrast.
    What do you think Obama tweeted this Thanksgiving?

    It’s the same thing he always tweets on holidays, any holiday. You get one guess. here

  2. Donald Trump is the greatest President ever.
    They hate him now, but in 20 years they will sprinkle his name into conversations about Rushmore

  3. I love his tweets! When someone says to me `If only he would stop tweeting!” I then have to tell them why he tweets. Those people are dumber than rocks, but I enjoy letting them know that they are dumb.


    1. Hillary acted Presidential this holiday season, she pardoned John Conyers, and Al Franken.

    2. With the passing of Charles Manson, Hillary Clinton becomes America’s most notorious living criminal.

    3. Hillary didn’t win, so she doesn’t honor our troops this holiday. Fine. They wouldn’t want her if she did win.

  5. Don’t click that link in “eternal cracker p” post unless you want to see old me, me, me and his fat sow, There should be a warning. I was hoping for a cartoon.

  6. One of our blessings that we are especially thankful for this Thanksgiving is President Trump and Vice President Pence. Thanks be to God.


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