Thugs Beat Elderly Woman With a Kitchen Pot and Rob Her of Money and HER WALKER

26 Comments on Thugs Beat Elderly Woman With a Kitchen Pot and Rob Her of Money and HER WALKER

  1. In Harlem of course, that well-known bastion of White Supremacy, better call the FBI to see if there’s any nooses hanging from that scaffolding placed there by Trump supporters…

  2. Democrats are responsible for creating this social breakdown with their “Great Society”. Now Joe Biden will fix this situation with our tax dollars in the form of reparations and everyone will be happy again with their new found “equity”. It’s all in the good book of Karl Marx. Take a knee you bastard unbelievers and get vaccinated.

  3. Fuggin rednecks!
    I swear, if it ain’t the rednecks it’s the hillbillies!
    Or the Amish.
    Damned gun-totin, church-goin, Constitutionalist, redneck, hillbilly thugs!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. They should send in camera crews from the National Geographic, so everyone can enjoy the fruits of diversity….

  5. why were the “suspected” attackers’ faces blacked out? Don’t tell me, suspect faces cannot be shown in public because…..racism?

  6. hold on…. this video is from Crime Stoppers, the police are asking the public to IDENTIFY the “suspects”


  7. Apparently a high capacity, unregistered, assault pot. Nobody needs that pot. The kitchenware shows should be regulated, as this is an example of how kitchenware show loopholes lead to violence among otherwise mostly-peaceful indigenous peoples.

  8. More niggas being niggas. Nothing new to see here but the kitchen pot was a nice new touch. Assault pots?

  9. There are entire blocks in US cities that should be run thru door to door with fucking flamethrowers. There is zero reason that scum like this should live one day longer, none. It’s not like the fucking law means a goddamn thing anymore.

  10. Any time you see a “black lady” with a stinky
    nappy pancake hat you lookin’ at a welfare queen
    with IQ in the low 70’s………


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