‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Files $94M Lawsuit, Requests Pardon From Trump

[…] In the lawsuit, Maldonado-Passage alleges that the government targeted him specifically by adding “generic animal” – a tiger – to the endangered species list.

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That allowed the government to file charges against him to promote an alleged “animal rights agenda.” He states that he was also targeted by the government because he is “an openly gay male with the largest collection of generic tigers and crossbreeds.” more

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  1. I just got off a phonecall, talking about watching ‘The Tiger King’ on Netflix, to my daughter. She stopped watching, as did I.

    I only saw the first episode and it was pretty disgusting, him and his tooth challenged mate/husband/butt buddy/nut buster.

    If he had any redeeming features, I missed them. ‘The Tiger King’ had some kind of ongoing feud with a rival lady who collected captive tigers too.

    It looked like she was preoccupied with calling the authorities on him, death threats ensued; in short they were constantly at each other’s throats.

  2. This dude is batshit crazy, but when he was running for governor he made a lot FB videos ranting on the government and for the first 10 minutes or so he would actually make a lot of sense and was more correct about the government than the others running were. Of course you couldn’t watch that long because then it turned into every other word being vulgar and batshit crazy.

    He has quite the following now though, I counted 10 free exotic Joe groups on FB and he’s hurting Carol more than he ever did before. I don’t think even PETA is going to be able to save her now from the stuff I’ve been seeing of complaints made against her.

    Anyways we all know now she put sardine oil on her husband to get the tigers to eat him. lol

    On edit: Yeah, I watched it, I’ve been stuck way too much at home and Carol reminds me of Hillary always doing that psycho laugh at everything. She might be the craziest of them all shown on the documentary and that’s saying something. Especially as how “straight” guys turned gay for nothing more than meth, rotten meat and petting a tiger.

  3. No matter how long you had them, no matter how hard you train them, tigers remain wild animals they are not pets. Sooner or later they will turn back to what they are, be glad they stopped you before that happened,

  4. These celebrities always have to have some sort of edgy look. This jerk as well.

    The faggot has to make a name and face for himself.

    He can fuck off cause I’m not following him.

  5. I’m on episode 3….It’s GRRRRRRRREAAT!

    Carole is the Hillary Clinton of Big Cats….She fed Her Husband to the


    Everyone has Summer Teeth……(Some are There, Sum ain’t)


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