Tiger Woods And Caddy Sued By Spectator


(Reuters) – A Florida man has filed a lawsuit against Tiger Woods and his caddie Joe LaCava alleging he sustained injuries after LaCava shoved him when he tried to take a selfie with the golfer in the background at a tournament in 2018.

According to the civil complaint, which was filed on Tuesday in Pinellas County, Florida, Brian Borruso alleges the incident took place during the third round of the Valspar Championship at Innisbrook after Woods’s tee shot landed near him.

Borruso, who is seeking more than $30,000 in damages, says he stumbled and fell into the crowd of spectators after being shoved by LaCava, ultimately causing injuries he described in the lawsuit as “permanent or continuing.” more

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  1. …I think taking selfies in general should be a death penalty offense, but give ’em a free hand to take a picture of themselves the moment the platform drops out from under ’em…

  2. If Tiger was still mareied to Ellen Nordegren he would have been clubbed to death with an sand wedge.
    Fuck Him, leave people alone.

  3. IOTW needs to change its’ name to “Unsympathetic Bastards.” You people have obviously never had a pinched nerve or pulled muscle that never heals. $30k is pocket change for the man who slept with a hundred whores while his wife was home with the kids.

  4. Soccer dives don’t work on a golf course, dipshit.

    And Anonymous, maybe you are the one who should change your name. I can think of a few good ones for you.

  5. Is this guy a member of the PGS (Professional Golf Spectator) Tour? Do they have photography rules on private courses?

  6. How do we know this guy wasn’t being an obnoxious bastard with his selfies long before this alleged incident?
    Some “fan” looking for a quick payoff..
    Just the kind of scam an anonymous libtard would appreciate.

  7. “Unsympathetic Bastards”
    The kind of name only an ambulance chasing politician wanna-be lawyer would love.

  8. I refer to lawyers who take on frivolous lawsuits like this as “strip mall lawyers”. They offices are almost always in run down strip malls. They create nuisance lawsuits hoping for a quick settlement that they take most of. The plaintiffs are stupid and don’t look at the fine print. 30% plus fees and expenses….which sometimes add up to more than the 30%.
    What’s worse is some will even trick the stupid people into taking out loans from their firm to cover living expenses prior to settlement, not explaining to them that the loan still needs to be repaid with high interest even if they don’t win.
    They truly are parasites. I hate lawyers.

  9. Jethro: don’t hate lawyers. They’re only doing the work legislatures put them up to.

    You couldn’t hate a bounty hunter, could you? That’s what lawyers are allowed to be, until the legislature says otherwise.

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