Tiger Woods DUI video released

He failed all the sobriety tests spectacularly.

He was found asleep in his car, medicated, and didn’t know where he was.

Watch the videos here


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  1. That’s been hi problem for almost 10 years….He can’t control the hook or the slice….

  2. Consistent with Ambien, a devilish concoction. Most people assume it is a sleeping pill, but it is actually classified as a hypnotic. Some folks do some really weird shit and have no memory of it. Like getting up in the middle of the night and driving to the 7-11 to buy cheez-wiz and four cigarette lighters.

  3. Wow! Glad my family doesn’t live in Jupiter, FL with this ass-loving self on the road. Holy crap, he definitely could have killed a family with his Mercedes! He is completely out-of-it!

  4. Wait, he had enough sense to pull over and get off the road. He was parked. I know people that have had severe back pain. Not fun. I’m not so sure busting him for a DUI is all that cool. Especially if he wasn’t DRIVING

  5. @Bad Brad–>He could barely stand! He was incoherent. He could not follow simple instructions. Did you watch?

  6. C’mon Brad, before he parked in the road, it appears he hit the curb hard enough blow both drivers side tires and damaged both rims. He is damn lucky he didn’t hurt/kill anyone, including himself? The guy has a problem, no doubt, but would you let him go? Hell, his problems are self induced.

  7. I sincerely hope he gets his shit together. It’s tragic watching someone go down the toilet. I don’t care who you are. He needs to re-grip his clubs to get a better handle on things.

  8. OK, guys. I confess, I didn’t watch the video. It was my understanding from other reports that he was parked off the road. If that’s not the case then he got what he deserved.

  9. Tortuous to watch. Doesn’t appear its alcohol. More likely a combination of prescription drugs.

    Back in the daze our circle of friends were musicians. One in particular was especially talented and could play any instrument he chose. However, he got hooked on quaaludes and without fail would show up at our house in the exact same stupor/slow motor response as Tiger.
    To prevent him falling or driving, we’d tie his shoelaces together ’til he wore himself out & passed out. Sadly, his addiction proved fatal. Hope Tiger gets help & doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  10. I can’t believe the cop was that patient with him. As a 21 yr old I was pulled over because of no front license plate, I had consumed a couple beers early in the evening and was not drunk at all. The cop said he smelled alcohol and had me touch my nose with my finger. One test, about 15 seconds and he told me to stop and wait. He goes to his car, comes back to inform me I failed the test. A few poorly chosen words by me, next thing my car is getting towed and I get hauled into the station. There I sat for a couple hours and was released, no DUI charge, no arrest, not even a test for any alcohol. I was traveling with a friend who (unknown to me) had a warrant for his arrest. He was hauled off to county where I bailed him 3 days later, his mom forced me, blamed me, shouted at me, gholly she was a battle axe.

  11. Tiger Woods is proof that great talent and tremendous amounts of money can’t buy common sense, or a chauffeur/driver; but they can buy lots of blondes and an endless supply of trouble.

  12. Tiger Woods was THE BEST GOLFER of all time until he stopped looking at porn and quit bangin’ pancake waitresses in his garage who were on their periods. Get back to the smut and f*€kin’ Tiger and rule the greens once more. FORE!!!

  13. If you’re blowing out driver’s side tires, you’re on the wrong side of the road, boy. This ain’t England.

  14. Having had an episode similar to this but without the arrest as a result of taking Ambien with another substance I can sympathize with the guy.

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