TIL That Bill Barr Plays the Bagpipes

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Barr gets in a nice little joke Here

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  1. God help us, now we will probably get to witness you know who playing the skin flute before his next public appearance. Fags like Pete Buttigieg don’t have an original bone in in their body, everything they come up wth is derivative

  2. A joke I heard from someone who did not appreciate this very special music.

    Q: Why are bagpipes usually in a marching formation?
    A: Because it’s harder to hit a moving target.

    My aunt Alice, who was retired Chicago PD had a piper at her funeral.

  3. Anonymous
    JUNE 26, 2019 AT 2:47 PM
    “The most gawd awful racket ever made.

    Edit….except for rap music.”

    …I’ll have you know I play the pipes, ye haggis-ficed galloot. Some of MY ancestors are who the Romans built Harridan’s Wall to keep OUT of the weaker parts of Britannia.

    I honor this heritage every Father’s Day and on his birthday by piping with my family at the side of his grave.

    (And the pipes are only a gawd awful racket the way I do it, I really don’t practice enough, but they’re pretty sweet when a pro has the chanter…)

  4. Ask anyone who ever fought the Scotts; bagpipes scare the shit out of their enemies. Why do you think Hadrian built that wall?

  5. I’d really like to hear him play a slow dirge at Brennan’s, Clapper’s, Comey’s, Rosenstein’s, Strozk’s, Wray’s sentencings. A spirited reel would be really great at Clinton’s and Obama’s hangings too.

    A guy can dream…

  6. Anonymous
    JUNE 26, 2019 AT 2:51 PM
    “Fags like Pete Buttigieg don’t have an original bone in in their body”

    …even the sin he causes with the “bone” he likes in his body isn’t very original, disgusting though it may be, so you’re right THERE, @Anonymous…

  7. Notice how relaxed A.G. Barr is? Not up tight and worried looking like the other snakes: Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Struck/Stroke etc.

  8. …just so everyone knows, every time you see a roll of Scotch tape, it’s a stereotype insult against ethnic Scots…

    “”Take this back to your Scotch bosses and tell them to put more adhesive on it.”

    Whatever the case, in the 1920s, the term “Scotch” was a racial slang term that meant something or someone that was cheap or stingy. ”


    …now, imagine all the stores that would be burned down if they had a ‘niger’ branded product in them…

  9. Maybe it’s the 1/1024 Scot in me, but Bagpipe always gives me chills.

    Awesome person, Hopefully he will do what he came to do. That would give me chills too.

  10. Hey, now! I have to defend my ancestors, here. Part Scott on my mother’s side. I have heard some of the most beautiful pipes ever when I used to work at the MN Renaissance Festival.

    Of course, I also heard some of the worst there, too.

    Edit: Bobcat – too funny!

    Truckbuddy, same here. It always ‘gets’ me when I see a police funeral.

    Supernightshade, keep playing!

    forcibly deranged, my dream, also!

  11. “Do You know how Copper Wire was invented ?

    Two Scotsmen fighting over a Penny!!!!”

    I need to check myself when a classic anti-semite joke is recast and I’m not as offended. Bad Dad!

  12. @ Claudia and Supernightshade: My paternal grandmother was a most ardent Scot. Her name was Susannah Mary Monteith Macmanway. A lady of highland descent and reportedly pretty stern and no nonsense. She died early in my life. Kept her brogue to the too soon end. And th’ pipes always get me too…

  13. Dadof4: FYI. The NYPD Emerald Society played 4 Irish tunes, including “When Irish Eyes are Smiling,” and “The Dawning of the Day.” Bill Barr played “Scotland the Brave.”
    I loved the whole show, including The National Anthem, The Pledge, and AG Barr’s speech.
    He must have pissed off CNN by using the word “SPY.” LOL

  14. I married into an Irish family.

    Both sides of wife’s family are of Irish heritage. I doubled down, so to say.

    The negative things said about them, in general, I cannot deny.

    Drunkards all and constantly morally challenged. The best I got out of them was the men were all very tall people and so my sons are too.

    But, I only think of this about them, not of Irish in toto.

  15. Supernightshade,

    Years ago I heard Mel Gibson talking about the making of “Braveheart” and he told of the extras who were mostly actual descendants of the very combatants being portrayed. He couldn’t help himself and HAD to ask “What do you guys wear under your kilts?”. His answer came without hesitation, “Your Mother’s lipstick!”.

  16. Rather than the silent 5am FBI raids of the Comey, Rosenstein, et al variety, a Bill Barr 5am fife and drum corps would strike terror into the hearts of the deep state traitors. Call CNN in advance so they can get it on tape this time, too. That would be awesome.

  17. Worst supposed musical instrument ever, the rich mans kazoo.
    Tributes would be better given starting out with the bagpipes than finished off with a 21 Gun Salute, to the bagpipers.

  18. The Scotch don’t drrink Scotch, because it cannot drrink itself. In Scotland, the Scotch drinks you, ya bloody Scot!


  19. But i like bagpipe music. In small quantities. It’s very
    Poignant for a couple of songs. Then it’s annoying.

  20. ANON

    once again you and I disagree! I have loved the pipe since a kid. have many kin that are pipers. 20 years ago I hired a piper to play “Grace” at Dads funeral. that was not easy, most American pipers play it as a march. At a funeral it is a lament!

    Not all Scotch like it. My wife (of 54 years) is a macCracken and to her it sounds like, “pigs squealing”! MacCracken are tough folk (I learned this the hard way many decades ago) but ….bright?

    If you quote me on this I will call you a liar TO YOUR FACE! And she was a CSF Seal Bearer so she is bright; the rest of he clan…..

  21. The first Richmond Tea Party, of which I was an organizer, opened with pipes and drums through the crowd of 5,000. The entrance was a surprise to me and sounded like battle music. The crowd parted as they played through and it was a great kickoff. The park was jam packed and i saw it from the stage. It was fantastic.

    I’ll always remember it.

  22. Look, lets be honest. Nobody likes the pipes, least of all the Scots. They only play those things at funerals to scare off the devil.

    The rest of the time they annoy the living.

  23. Some drunken Hollywood slut was in Scotland a while back and asked a piper what he had under his kilt. Take a look Lassey and see fer yerself. She did, and sqeeled, oh that’s just gruesome!
    Take another look Lassey said the piper, it’s grew some more.

  24. I love to hear the pipes, no matter the tune. It’s enough to raise the hair on your head, and stiffen your spine. I’m descended from the Duncan clan.

    And now that AG Barr has shown that he has real talent and can play the pipes, the Libtard DildoCrats and RINOs will attempt to “horn” in by showing that they can play the skin flute.

  25. I love the pipes…… always stirring. and as a person who rarely recalls dreaming, had a very disturbing episode last night where AG Barr was assassinated. I awoke this morning very concerned for the man.


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