Tillerson To Be Replaced By Pompeo

It was announced this morning that we have a new Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson is stepping aside to be replaced by current CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Here

Deputy Director Gina Haspel will replace Pompeo as head of the CIA. More




20 Comments on Tillerson To Be Replaced By Pompeo

  1. Oh shirt! Another seamless transition within the Trump administration.
    Where is the chaos? Where is the dysfunction? Mostly in the rabid media!

  2. Trump just wasn’t on board with Tillerson’s homo’s in the boy scouts, not moving Isreal’s capital, leaving Obozo’s Iran nuke deal, dealing with the NORKS, dealing with China etc etc. Rex was more in sync with Hillary than he ever was with Trump.
    Good riddance.

  3. Tillerson does not have the right world view of the threat of Islam and was opposed to the embassy move in Israel. This is a good move for the Presidents agenda and us.

  4. I see that Al Jazeera and CNN don”t like Gina Haspell as head of the CIA so she must be good. She evidently oversaw “torture.”

  5. If we only had two cabinet posts, SoS and DoJ would be them.

    My first reaction was ahhh, dang! I really like T-Rex. But the increasing disconnect between him and POTUS Trump could not be ignored. Trump said it best before getting on that helicopter this morning: “(Pompeo) is on the same wave length..” That’s all he needed to say to assure me. Pompeo is characterized as “off the charts smart…outside the box thinker.” It’s a better fit with POTUS. And I think Pompeo is going to really clean out the rats’ nest at State.

  6. …I won’t bash T-Rex. God put him there at the time and for the reasons he was needed. He was a steady Eddie when that was needed. Now that things are poised for tremendous change, Pompeo is who is needed. Funny how that works. 😉

    I’m exceedingly grateful for a forceful, determined, decisive president who isn’t afraid to shake things up when it’s needed, rather than limp along trying to appease the court “experts”.

  7. The problem here is two Alpha Males that are use to calling their own shots. I was a little worried about this when TRex took the position. TRex would make for a tough boss but a terrible employee.

  8. How smashing. Someone is not working out- fire them and replace them just like you would do in business setting. If Tillerson was a drag on ridding the Iran deal then do let the door hit you on the way out.

  9. Rush said Tillerson was told last week by Kelly that he was going to be fired, but the media narrative is that Rex was ambushed and kicked to the curb by Trump’s brutish tweet. I have to admit, Tillerson sounded like he was going to cry at his presser.

  10. I started to listen to SoS Rex Tillerson’s statement to the press, but only got about 2-3 minutes in. It makes me really sad to see him go this way because I think he is a person of immense integrity who really wanted to do right and good; not by POTUS Trump, but by the American people. Which is how it ought to be.

    He did seem rather emotional and I can just imagine a guy like Tillerson, who has been in charge of the largest corporation in the world, blaming himself or feeling angry that he has been “fired.” What a crappy way to end one’s last big job. I’m wondering if he gave POTUS Trump clear signals that if it wasn’t his, Tillerson’s, way, it would be the highway, and Trump beat him to it in order to not have it be an “I quit this administration” message.

    In any event, it’s another passage. And not the last one, we can be sure of that.

    God bless Rex Tillerson and his family for being part of MAGA.

  11. Wasn’t Tillerson quoted as saying that Trump was a moron, or similar? Not hard to see this coming.

  12. Rex was my boss at ExxonMobil for thirteen years before I retired. He was in total control of the corporate culture there. His bottom line was, “Think the way we tell you to think or you will be terminated!” Rex should recognize Trump’s tactics very well. So long, Rex! Better put some ice on that!


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