Tilting Toward Windmills… and Haymakers … and Drop Kicks … and

The left seems to have come to a consensus that violence is the answer.

Maxine told her laughing minions to be uncivil. The former attorney general said to kick the right. Obama said to bring a gun to a knife fight. Antifa are just disagreeable voters constitutionally expressing themselves between elections.

Is the left absolutely sure they want this?


How long until some mama’s boy pushes someone beyond his level of tolerance?

As I said, I am not the only one who would know how to stop a threat.  And, I would guess, many of them are way better at these things than I.

How long will it be before the weaklings of the left try to bully the wrong person?

There will be blood.  It will be tragic, because it will be unnecessary.  Do not threaten anyone, and you will never be taken as a threat – that’s an aphorism the left would do well to learn.

Or is blood what they want?

I don’t think they’ve thought this through.

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21 Comments on Tilting Toward Windmills… and Haymakers … and Drop Kicks … and

  1. Yes, there will be blood…Especially after the liberals lose the midterms, and they take to the streets screaming and rioting.

    The first lib who get’s punched back, or even shot, will instantly turn into a crying “victim” demanding their attacker be arrested and sued.

    It’s coming soon, to a city near you…

  2. Antifa people are the masters of the sucker punch and hitting from behind, like the cowards they are.
    Once they tip the violence scales the blood will be all theirs.

  3. “There will be blood. It will be tragic, because it will be unnecessary.”

    Self defense, unnecessary? I think not.

  4. (p)anti-fa and the Left are so crazy they’ll shoot one of their own (in a Trump shirt) in order to try to trigger a shooting war. Bank on it.

    (Be very suspicious of the bullet’s caliber.)

  5. And this is why you try, every single day, to make yourself better in some way.
    They. Want. You. Dead.
    Accept that.
    Embrace that.
    Remember that YOU have a say in that.
    I’m nothing special. Maybe I once was, but not anymore.
    The least I hope for is to make them think afterwards “We should NOT have fucking done that.”
    Prepare yourself mentally, first and foremost, and physically.
    Give your Soul over to God; after all, He’ll get it anyway and it will no longer be your burden to carry.
    And be ready

  6. I’ve been reading where the moron mob has been given $50 or $100 bucks for bail when they get arrested, but they don’t supply any lawyers, no money to get law advice when they get called into court. LOL.

  7. I just purchased a dash cam for my car, which may come in handy should these eejits try to blockade roads in front of me. That’s not why I bought it, I bought it because in my area of Central FL (and probably many other places around the US), homeless bums have a disconcerting habit of staggering into traffic and getting killed. One case happened down the road from my office, the driver had a dash cam and the video convinced the cops the bum was at fault. Maybe I better start thinking about a body cam, too.

  8. Just another reason to avoid downtown Portland. Mayor is a limp wristed girly man, City Council not much better. Those who can are leaving. Mayor Midol not man enough to address problems. Wants to turn Portland into another San Francisco.

  9. Some things are irreconcilable.

    If someone wants you dead and you don’t want to be dead, there’s no common ground.
    If someone demands that you support his agenda and his agenda is anathematic to your agenda, there’s no common ground.
    If some lazy slug demands that you pay for his support and you don’t believe that it’s your obligation to support him, there’s no common ground.
    If some group of radical totalitarians in black dresses tell you that your Constitution “means” something other than what it reads, there’s no common ground.

    Just a couple of examples. The blood runs when some demand that the intolerable be tolerated.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I was told that “antifa” is short for “anti-fascist”, but I’ve come to believe that is actually short for “anti-father”. These people have serious daddy issues.

  11. When the police won’t protect you and your property, you have to take the law into your own hands and protect yourself.

  12. “The left seems to have come to a consensus that violence is the answer.”

    Nothing new. Anyone remember that “just a guy in the neighborhood” and the Weather Underground?

  13. Do the math folks. How many left wing whackos own guns and are proficient in their use? How many righties are armed to the teeth? Case closed. If it happens, I hope you own stock in a coffin company.You’ll make a boatload of bucks.

  14. Coffins? Screw that, roll them up in a sheet of visqueen and dump them in a slit trench with lime, lots of lime.
    They stink before they start to rot.


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