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Tim Kaine, The Interrupter

It’s official! Kaine interrupted Pence 72 times during the debate.

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  1. from bimbos to bimbores!
    clinton and company love those erruptions….

  2. I would have gotten up and disconnect Kayne’s jaw. I cannot stand to listen to that son of a bitch.
    Kudos to Pence for keeping his cool. He must have been wise to the strategy.

  3. “If Hillary had a son…….”

    One of the best comments on YouTube.

  4. If you don’t have a good response……interrupt.

  5. Not only does Kainkles give off those child molester vibes but he also signals that he is still a bedwetting man.

  6. And that doesn’t include the number of times the moderator cut Pence off!

  7. Hillary is so disappointed in Kaine. Only 72 interruptions when Hillary can delete 30,000 emails, he’s a piker.

  8. Kanine’s performance was proof that all hoes are not on a golf course.

  9. Kanine’s performance was proof that all holes are not on a golf course.

  10. The only reason Kaine ever won an election is because Virginia is so full of voters dependent on other people’s money; gummit workers, blacks, welfare rats, lofos, non achievers, drop outs, illegals, slackers, deadbeats, and the naive. Left stream media and voter fraud always helped as well.

  11. And the only clear message Kaine made was “we’re going to take from one group and give it to another”. Thank you Mr. Kaimmunist.

  12. Who WAS that moderator? Never heard of her and her lack of professionalism was appalling. I’ll bet she know joins Candy “I’m a pig” Crowley, as far as debates go,

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