Tim Pool gets Swatted second time this month

LWC: … Pool hasn’t gone into more detail as of yet. There’s is a chance the second swatting didn’t get the full police response after the first swatting proved to be a hoax. Although, the night before, Pool caught someone trespassing on his property, and the person even made it inside his home.

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  1. I subscribe to Timcast on my youtube feed. Over the years it has been interesting watching the maturation process, going from Occupy Wallstreet supporter and voice of the dis-effected Millenials to an actual critical thinker now and free speech advocate that has a remarkable grasp of the issues.

    I doubt he has ever voted Republican but speaks highly of DeSantis.

    With his reach through media, his message now is to discern more, to expect more of your leaders, to understand the Deep State, and acknowledge that their interests are not yours, to be a part of the process, value your civil liberties, and don’t mindlessly follow the narrative.

  2. @Browned Eye Girl: “Swatting” is a dangerous prank where someone will call the police, say they killed a bunch of people and will kill a bunch of people more and gives police the address of someone they don’t like. It was popular during the Obama administration, and targets of swattings were frequently people who held a different political opinion than President Obama. It is unclear if Pool holding a different political opinion than Joe Biden is why he’s become a target. Tim also has hosted other notorious different-political-opinion-from-Joe-Biden havers like James O’Keefe and Mike Rowe in recent days.

  3. “. It is unclear if Pool holding a different political opinion than Joe Biden is why he’s become a target. “

    Really? So what is an alternative theory?

  4. Scary part is they make it so LE ignores calls of active shooter while they do an actual event and send in the real kill team to hit him. Most likely they are incompetent but I would def get ready or have a paid “plainclothes” bodyguard the next couple months. at least a PI to find out who is making the swatting calls

  5. Maybe there purpose of swatting is twofold:

    1. The harassment and perhaps death of someone with different political views

    2. The death of someone as the direct or indirect consequences of swatting causing more of a push to defund the police.

    I don’t know why police even bother sending out SWAT teams anymore. In real cases, the criminal is going to be released before the police even put their gear away anyway.

  6. Until they arrest the swaters and publicly make the financially responsible the shit will continue. A nice $50,000 fine being just the start, criminal record, and then open to lawsuit is the only way.

    No problem.
    Mommy & Daddy pay and smash the keyboard across the little shit stains ass.

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