Tim Pool: This Is Reagan’s Landslide All Over Again

Democrats Picking Kamala Harris Gifted A Trump Landslide, This Is Reagan’s Landslide All Over Again. [watch]

Democrats have chosen a female VP likening this race to Mondale Ferraro. For those too young to remember (or to have even been alive when it happened) Ronald Reagan mopped the flood with Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro in a 49 state landslide.

Reagan’s campaign slogan was “lets make America great again” But now Nate Silver of 538 is giving Trump the exact same chance of winning against Biden that he did with Hillary Clinton.

Democrats are setting themselves up with a very unpopular candidate Republicans seem moderate, reasonable and even centrists and liberals are bemoaning Kamala Harris.

It really does feel like a 49 state Trump Landslide is possible.

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  1. In 1984 there was no silicon valley or tech oligarchs, and the media weren’t the hardcore DNC slobbering knob polishers as they are now. And finally, nationwide voter fraud wasn’t quite the concern as it will be today. Cautious optimism yes, 49 state landslide…?

  2. Hoping and praying as well. this woman is an elitist, entitled American hating liberal. She will do and say anything to get power. She is now praising the man who is she called racist and called him on his association with segregationists while he was a senator.

    The Democrats this time around have the press fully as an arm of their party. They have already been warned that they can’t say anything about her without being racist or sexist. Republicans will be called the same no matter what they say about her.

    And the other fact is that the Democrats are now much better and cheating in elections as well. So we should not believe that this is going to be an easy election because it won’t we will have to fight for every vote and win by such a large margin that they can’t call cheating. Joe has already hired 600 lawyers because they know they’re going to need them to help them cheat to win

  3. If anything is a blessing in this “race” today it is that it has been made completely obvious to anyone with half a brain that the Knee-Pad Media is fully complicit in a campaign of propaganda, lying, hatred and division not to mention being completely bought and paid for, in bed with and carrying the water for the democRATz! So much so that they don’t even attempt to hide it anymore! Hopefully a Trump landslide will send a message to the Media, but when yer Bought & Paid for I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot more than a memo! There is a war coming and if they want to be on the side of the Anti-fa Fuzz-Nutz to overthrow the United States of America, so be it, but not a very wize choice in my opinion!

  4. I’m astounded by the division in this country over the presidential race. Finally we have a man in office that is doing exactly what he said he would and his policies are ALL directed toward the benefit of ALL the working americans. Some people find his personality offensive and that’s reason enough to vote for a imbecile?
    Admittedly I cannot understand what their vision is for this country but if current events gives us a clue I want no part of it.

  5. Between the violence in the cities, Congressional blocking of important financial bills, and picking understandable Presidential and vice presidential candidates I’m starting to wonder if the Democrats are secretly trying to get Trump reelected for some reason.

    Or are they actually playing to the majority of voters they they believe want this sort of leadership? I don’t see how Americans could want this, but maybe it’s just me that is way out of touch with current American standards.

  6. This isn’t Ronald Reagan’s America anymore. He couldn’t get elected Governor of California now. Illegal and legal immigration have destroyed that state and this country. This election is going to be determined in just a few battle ground states. The Candidates who win the Electoral College will lead this country for the next four years.

  7. @gin blossom – “…Admittedly I cannot understand what their vision is for this country but if current events gives us a clue I want no part of it…”

    The government is the largest corporation in the world, and it makes everyone who gets in the club immensely wealthy. Their vision is to keep the status quo, to keep the corporation and all of the parasitic cottage industries that feed off it in place.

    Trump is the Anti-trust, Anti-DC President trying to break up the monopoly, and they are fighting him no holds barred.

    Their vision has NOTHING to do with you or me and what’s best for the country. It’s all about their power and control

  8. I might be at a disadvantage because of my location, but here locally Biden yard signs are as rare. Maybe it’s because people are reluctant to make it known that an idiot lives there or just maybe they’re feeling a little of the intimidation too.

  9. @ gin blossom AUGUST 15, 2020 AT 9:11 AM

    President Trump is focused on doing what he can so that there is less innocent human suffering, misery and death for all Americans in the future.

    That is why they hate him.

  10. Catholics around the country and the world are taking up the 54 day Novena prayer , starting today on the feast of the Assumption, for our country and the upcoming election. Pray ! Pray ! Pray !

  11. Just last weekend, some bozo cried on Nextdoor how he was trying to enjoy his meal at a restaurant but a patron, and a Trump fan, ruined his meal because of him talking about Trump. The pussy OP felt Trump was/is hurting America with his ties to Russia (I asked him for sources, but he never presented one…yeah, go figure).

    I was waiting to see who would chime in…thinking there would be a lot of Dems running their string of lies. Myself, I added a few links about Strzok and Rosenstein admitting no collusion, etc. To my surprise, it became a HUGE pro-Trump thread, with over 300 messages before it was removed. It was so nice to hear over 85% of the comments taking up for Trump. Good to know there are plenty of conservatives in my area.

  12. joe6pack sent a few magnetic TRUMP signs that i distributed in Sturgis this week. So many Trump shops and signs, shirts, hats. Signs were literally everywhere. Not exaggerating either. And not a single biden sign.

    The victory will be the Lords. Everyone will see His hand in this election and hopefully we will see the destruction of the leftist media.

  13. @Charlie WalksonWater – yeah, we saw those Trump booths and shops EVERYWHERE before our visit with you. What a sight to behold! We showed one guy, the guy we bought our merch from, our traveling Revere-iOTW mag and he called it ‘very..Bad…Ass…’, really slowly he did…

    I got a WONDERFUL surprise when we got home. Not ONE but THREE of Joe6paks mags…after that trip it felt GREAT to get that package.

    Yeah, wish it was longer, I could have talked on that windy back porch all afternoon drinking your lemonade-ice crushes and eating that popcorn. Perhaps you should trade mark that stuff!

    I was very interested at your level of confidence for November as it relates TO the Lord…


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