Tim Ryan (D): Democrats are ‘not even a national party at this point’ – IOTW Report

Tim Ryan (D): Democrats are ‘not even a national party at this point’

“We’re at the point now where we are not even a national party at this point. We have some support on the coast, but we lost the support of Middle America.”

Cain: For the last 8 years, Democrats have taken great satisfaction in referring to the GOP as a “small, regional, party.” Despite big mid-term wins, Dems believed they’d crushed their opponents once and for all.  Obama was popular, people were just going to love ObamaCare, and the country was moving left on social issues.  Then Donald Trump happened.

Now, Democrats have a historically low number of office holders.  As Ohio Representative Tim Ryan says in the clip below, Dems are “at the smallest number of Democratic members of our caucus since 1929,” and currently boast “the smallest number of democratic office holders in the state and federal level since just after the civil war.”

pelosi stunned look

Ryan is currently working to unseat Nancy Pelosi as House minority leader because he’s worried about the future of his party.  read more

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  1. Any campus shielding criminal aliens must lose all federal dollars for grants, pell grants, anything and everything. I am starting to see great revenue streams of federal dollars to come from UN cuts, from city defunding for harboring fugitive aliens, from university cuts for harboring fugitive criminals (alien or otherwise), from Obamacare defunding and removal, from stopping money giveaways to enemy countries, from NATO protection stopping if unfunded by recipient countries, from cleaning out the swamp in DC Government, from aggressively pursuing fraud in government spending, and from term limits imposed on all. Go President Elect Trump!

  2. The communists in the dem party have nothing except race, hatred, division, sexism, open borders, and destruction of America. They don’t care about wages, jobs/employment, the national debt, security, peace, safety, or anything about quality of living for the average Joe. they are totally bankrupt and they are beyond repair or rehabilitation. The whole party needs to be scrapped and put into the dustbin of history.

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