Time for Trump to Smoke Joe out of His Basement


Just what kind of cynical game are Democrats playing in keeping Joe Biden on their presidential ticket when everyone can see he is slipping? How long can this ruse continue?

The real news is not that Biden is failing. It’s the Democrats’ fraud in pretending otherwise. They know he is not mentally up to the job and they’re trying to ride it out, using the coronavirus as a cover to keep him hidden in the basement and exercising damage control each time he is flushed out.

It’s undeniable, as shown by his angrily asking a black interviewer if he is a junkie when the interviewer questioned whether he’d ever taken a cognitive test. Then there was his assertion that Latinos are more diverse in their attitudes than blacks. That alone would have ended any Republican candidate. To quote Joe back to himself, “Come on, man!”

These regrettable remarks are part of Biden’s long history of racially tinged comments, such as his quip that you can’t go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have an Indian accent or that any African Americans who don’t support him aren’t black. Anyone paying attention has to know something is seriously wrong. read more

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  1. even funnier is that the d’rats are actually telling anyone that cares to listen that old, racist, pathetically demented Joe will be replaced by a VP ‘to be named later’

    … & they’re ok w/ it!!!

  2. Joe is fine…The fact that You berate Him is proof that You are Lacist.

  3. Thank you MJA for this.
    Truly defines the history of the Democratic “Game” the party has been playing for decades. Not that Republicans have not their hand in the “Game”, after all politicians are politicians.
    However, now that a non-politician has not only made a difference in our country, has scared them trying to take back what was never theirs to begin with.
    With the hiding of Biden, Pelosi’s delusional threats that Trump won’t win and she will be in charge and the election looming upon us makes me wonder what’s really in store.
    Many elections have been stolen before (thanks MSM). So many decades old Democrat politicians still wasting oxygen and stocking the trust funds of their children never seems to end.
    Keeping fingers cross that I can witness the Press weep again in 2020 and pray not to have to listen to some lying demented POS in an August surprise. Remember with Clinton still breathing, a lot can happen to Joe.
    Thanks again, now I got to go to 7-11 for some milk,,,

  4. “…exercising damage control each time he is flushed out.“

    That would explain the Susan Rice VP rumor they floated today. Squirrel!

  5. “Joe trips up pretty bad when he’s under his pretend-fort blankets in the basement.”

    … fixed it

  6. T-10 days to the DNC and counting. There’s still time for Joe to take himself out, I mean, bow out. (There’s also time for him to stroke out.)

    Do you have a hunch things are about to heat up by at least an order of magnitude?

    I don’t know whether to stockpile popcorn or MRE’s.

  7. Pedo Joe will not be the nominee, that is why the VP pick keeps getting delayed. The Demonrats all know he is senile, they are just greasing the skids for Hillezibub and Manchelle


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