Time getting short for climate alarmists like Gore

ONN: A report warns European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a “Siberian” climate. It sounds like something one might read in the news today, except this is from 2004 – and the warning is for 2020.

The Guardian covered the February 2004 report, which it said was suppressed by U.S. military chiefs. According to that news outlet, calamities such as nuclear conflict, megadroughts, famine, and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.

“I don’t know where to start,” says Steve Milloy of Junk Science. “Deep state climate hysteria is not really panning out, I guess. No surprise.”

According to Milloy, no prediction from any “climate hysteric” has ever turned out to be true. “Al Gore said the ice caps would have melted by now,” he continues. “None of the climate models work.”

Milloy acknowledges that bad weather occurs time to time, but says that’s to be expected.  more

14 Comments on Time getting short for climate alarmists like Gore

  1. Notice, algore never became a weatherman after being veep. 🤨

    I mean, if predicting glo-BULL climate warming change YEARS ahead of time is THAT easy, the 5 day outlook OUGHTA be a snap – right, Alphonse? 😳

  2. It’s ok, Al has already made his $100 million. It’s now the Piranha global western governments that are chomping at the bit.

  3. Yet no banks, anywhere, are refusing to make 30 year loans to qualified customers either then or now despite preposterous claims by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D(emented), Al Gore D(espicable) or Beto O’Rourke D(elusional)
    Whuts that tell ya???

  4. Climate change knows we’re onto it. So it has to lie low for a while until we get all complacent again and then BAM!!!! Climate Change will jump out of the bushes with a big stick that it will use to smash us over the noggin before robbing us in broad daylight.

  5. Aaron…I’m making those Posters now…I could Use Your Help..

    We’re at Fort Marcy Park…It’s Family friendly

  6. People should have been on to Manbearpig’s scam when they realized he built his 25,000 Square Foot home on the beach.
    Oh, by the way Al, CO2 is still plant food.

  7. Ohhhh. Fort Marcy Park. That DOES sound family friendly. I mean, it’s named after one of the Brady kids. So yeah. I’m in.

  8. Every decade since 1950 Lake Superior has had less ice. It’s ruining the fish supply in my area. Those of us that are into sports are aware and concerned with what’s happening to the environment and won’t stick our head in the sand about it just because Al Gore made money from a movie. Bad stuff is happening in the environment. I worry about future generations who might never get to try a delicious fresh fish from the great lakes. They’ll probably be stuck eating vegan protein patties made of GMO pesticide soaked soybeans. That’s not a future I want to leave for anyone.

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