‘Time has no meaning’: Rachel Maddow complains coronavirus has reduced show to ‘anarchy’

Poor, poor Rick.

Washington Examiner: MSNBC host Rachel Maddow complained Friday that her show ran for an extra 30 minutes and claimed the coronavirus had reduced the network to “anarchy.”

“Nothing is the same,” she said. “Time has no meaning. All days of the week are just days that end in Y now. I haven’t tied my shoes in weeks. So, why not spread The Rachel Maddow Show out into 90 minutes instead of an hour on Friday night? Who are you going to complain to? The boss?” more

18 Comments on ‘Time has no meaning’: Rachel Maddow complains coronavirus has reduced show to ‘anarchy’

  1. Wait a sec.
    You get handed air time on a Cable network, and you gripe?
    Some people ain’t ever satisfied
    You get asked to come up with something to talk about for a half an hour.
    Boohoo, You need to eat a piece of cheese and calm down.

  2. Serisly? Cry me a river babe.

    She makes $145,000/week and she’s complaining about getting even more face time on national TV? Lord and I’m worried about my 15 year old Titan making another trip to AR.

  3. My time has more meaning and is much more enjoyable than having to ever suffer through your show. 😁

  4. How much money did she donate to the gay bars that are permanently closing in San Fran? I personally do not care but they were doing a whole radio show on some of the oldest gay bars closing.

    Apparently, the lifestyle does not do well with social distancing.

  5. They took its shoelaces away to prevent suicide attempts. That is the message I got from this nonsense.

  6. And yet, my local conservative radio station has adjusted to the new broadcasting requirements (mainly “social distancing” broadcasting from home studios), which has created all kinds of glitches and challenges. Not one of the segment hosts has complained, in fact they have embraced the fake-dempanic changes brought upon them and made adjustments accordingly.

    And the irony is that Madcow’s ilk have brought this whole “shut down” upon the world, and we adjust, and they complain. F*CK YOU LIBTARDS, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, and I was raised NEVER to use the word hate. That’s how evil you are.

  7. @ stirren…..
    My Mother also detested the use of the word “hate” and as a result, I am very careful with its usage. I agree with you though.

  8. @Crackerbaby – I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you were raised at a similar time as me. The coarseness of society has corroded our culture to the point of (no return?)??

  9. Aww, poor baby. Election years we often went 32 days and never even went home. And that’s NOTHING on what men and women in the Military have to do.

    I’ll never forget Pierre Thomas stomping his foot and maundering that he was 17 days straight. Petulant cunt.

  10. I’ve only watched it a few times, mostly to see its poor sagging face sobbing when Trump won, but wouldn’t “anarchy” be a notable improvement over “pure bullshit”?


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