Time to Ban China

The BFD [New Zealand]: In light of yet another China virus outbreak, It’s time to ban China. As RealClearScience reports:

The Asian Flu in 1956 killed between one and four million people worldwide. SARS in 2002 infected 8,098 and killed 774 in seventeen counties. H7N9 emerged ten years later to strike at least 1,223 people and kill four out of every ten of them. Now, the milder, yet more infectious COVID-19 has sickened more than 70,000 across the globe, resulting in 1,771 deaths.

All of these outbreaks originated in China, but why? Why is China such a hotspot for novel diseases?

“It’s not a big mystery why this is happening… lots of concentrated population, with intimate contact with lots of species of animals that are potential reservoirs, and they don’t have great hygiene required. It’s a recipe for spitting out these kinds of viruses,” Dr. Steven Novella recently opined on an episode of the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.

South Central China is a noted “mixing vessel” for viruses, Dr. Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, told PBS in 2016. There’s lots of livestock farming, particularly poultry and pigs, with limited sanitation and lax oversight. Farmers often bring their livestock to “wet markets” where they can come into contact with all sorts of exotic animals. The various birds, mammals, and reptiles host viruses that can jump species and rapidly mutate, even potentially infecting humans. Experts are pretty sure this is precisely what happened with the current COVID-19 coronavirus, which is why, on January 30th, China issued a temporary ban on the trade of wild animals.

China must be forced to close down its live markets, and also its virus research facilities like the one in Wuhan.  And the only way to do that is boycott. keep reading.

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  1. So far this is no more deadly than the normal seasonal flu’s, and milder than some, with the same people at risk from it as from the regular flu’s (actually, younger people seem to be at less risk).

    So why the seemingly hysterical reaction worldwide? One that is being deliberately created?

    IMO, there is either something we are not being allowed to know about the virus, something on a “top secret” type of level, or it is a deliberate move by forces that have nothing to do with either the virus itself or containment of it.

    FWIW, I tend to lean toward the latter more than the former. But I’m no medical worker or disease specialist, so take my opinion with a grain of salt and decide about it for yourself.

  2. mja mentioned the contaminated pet food from china a few years ago. After that, to this day I don’t buy pet or human food from china.

  3. I just saw a comment somewhere that Bangladesh, with lousy sanitation and some very high-density areas, which saw its first case more than 3 weeks ago, has very low numbers (48 cases, 5 deaths). So what makes it so different from NYC, from Italy? And in general there are huge variations around the globe – why? Of course quality of reporting is a related question.

  4. I’m sure we won’t Ban China, but I am pretty sure social media will ban this article because…RACISM!!!

  5. LCD: If you don’t test, then your official number of infected cases will be low. In a country where 10s of thousands die every day, who knows what they died from.

  6. I’d like to see Trump tell China that the debt of ours that they hold will now be considered paid in full to offset what they’ve done to our economy.

    Fuck China.

  7. China’s been exporting inferior and downright dangerous products for decades. They’re known liars, spies and thieves.
    This latest “outrage” is but another “pause-to-consider the ramifications” hiccup within the global community. They have learned nothing and/or are willfully blind to the threat China poses to the western nations.

    No doubt this “concern” will be debated among the think-tank self-anointed experts once the crisis has abated.

    The conclusion….we’re too interconnected to completely uncouple from China. The unspoken underlying reasoning? Money and/or shared ideology with the CCP.

  8. No more immigration from china. They can visit, maybe, how about from may through October, but then they go home. Nothing personal. This would have multiple benefits.

  9. Ban China? No need: we just need to ban US politicans selling out our country to them, including the corrupt bureaucrats working for them, the corrupt psychos teaching our children and the corrupt rats in the US working for the Chi-Comms.

    Remember: this ALL this ChiComm bribery and US treason started with the clintons.


    BTW: stay off Netflix: it’s controlled by obama and susan rice. Do you wnder what they paid to Netflix from the US treasury while they were stinking up the White House?



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