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Time To Demand A Great Tuition Reset

All the lovely people have silently lined up scampering around Omnicold protocol.  N95’s!  Bah.  Booster!!  Baah.  Annual fund!!!  Baaah.  Strategic plan!!!!  Baaaah.  More zoom school!!!!!  Baaaaah.

Independent X School’s Board of Trustees is meeting to rubber stamp a tuition increase even as school days are being cancelled over Omnicold under the guise of “inclement weather” days.  The Brandon Admin does not have a monopoly on shrinkflation.  After multiple covid tests in our first week back, announcements of N95’s for all, and “pivoting” to zoom, the more we pay the less we get is making even our most progressive virtue signaling friends at Chapin and Crossroads nuts.

It’s All About The Bucks, Kid

How high should headmasters’ salaries be?  Every year headmasters’ salaries increase after being artificially compared to peer NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) schools who also artificially increase headmaster salaries after campaigns by Carney Sandoe and NAIS search firms incentivized with a cut of headmasters’ salaries.  Have teacher salaries been increased proportionally?  How many DEI and SEL staff and consultants have been added?  As tuition rises each year, are our children learning as much at Independent X School as 5 years ago?  Are matriculation rates as strong?  more

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  1. Considering what comes out of today’s universities, maybe it’s time to end student loans. Force universities to reevaluate what they’re teaching, make them competitive. It would be nice to pull up to the drive up window and say “Hey, aren’t you professor…?”

  2. True, schools should have to put their money where their mouth is: their schould be zero government involvement in the schools. Students should take loans from the schools, no government backup and then the schools either get them repaid or eat the loss, based on the school’s performance of doing their job.

  3. People who can give themselves raises will give themselves raises. Even when they are supposed to be merit based and their performance is substandard.
    That’s human nature.

  4. Adjusted for inflation, my son’s BS was almost two and a half times more expensive than my BS at the same university.

  5. Student loans should be like car loans et al based on the borrowers credit with the borrowers ability to discharge in bankruptcy. Currently student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, thank you George W Bush, therefore they are given out like candy to anyone who wants to go to college or trade school, regardless of their credit or whether they even belong in college. To make matters worse the Kenyan federalized student loans so if a borrower defaults on the student loan big fed i.e. the taxpayer pays the defaulted loan. Restore credit rating system to student loan borrowers and allow them to discharge in bankruptcy 10 years after their last student loan, to avoid discharging immediately after finishing college. If this were implemented watch how quickly the student loan business dries up and college enrollment drops.

  6. College today is THE biggest waste of money on planet earth. They are taught NOTHING and brainwashed that it is cool to hate all things America.


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