Time To Make The States Great Again

This week, Wisconsin became the 28th state to pass a resolution for a U.S. Constitutional Convention. Only six more states need to join before a convention to amend the founding document of this country is called, then three-fourths of the states, 38 in all, would need to vote to approve what ever change has been proposed by the convention.


Democrats are apoplectic at the prospect that the convention would approve a balanced budget amendment that would restrain our out of control federal government. They warn of an “out of control” convention were the delegates treat the Constitution like a rough draft and make all kinds of changes.


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  1. Be careful what you wish for. I can’t help worrying that much mischief could befall a great document. What, for instance, if they managed to repeal the 2nd amendment?

  2. Leave the Constitution alone. The real problem is the corrupt US government has not been adhering to Constitutional law for decades. Genuine law and order has been effectively nullified by the Presidents, the US Congress, and the Supreme Court. The liberals have their Communist (Soros) agenda already being accomplished. They would do anything to have it codified and sadistically enforced.

  3. Repeal the 17th. Start with that. Then force a balanced budget. Reduce the fed to the original intent. Military, ports, courts, and foreign treaty’s. The fed has no business redistributing taxes to states and damn sure not to individuals.

  4. This convention can only suggest changes. Three quarters of the states are then required to ratify said changes. The convention itself has no power to change anything. Only the several states can do that, the Constitution as written is a states rights document.

  5. Because when you already know that Uncle Cal is a proud pedophile, the entire family from the east side of town are convicted thieves, half (plus one) of the inbred cousins are scientifically retarded, and your bow tie wearing aunts want to Stage an Intervention Convention – with the ironclad agreement that whatever is agreed to is subject to change without notice – you know things are gonna’ change for the better. You just pay. I mean wait. No, I guess I mean pay. Again.

  6. not sure if you could get 38 states (at this time; who knows what happens later!) to repeal the 2nd Amendment. but, they could much easier be persuaded to repeal the 17th & maybe tweak Article III, Section 1 … that pesky ‘good behavior’ clause … replace it w/ a tenure

  7. if there is a constitutional convention you might as well say good night. it will destroy the constitution. this is a NWO scheme to do just that. All those pushing for a constitutional convention are one world / NWO progressives. especially people like Mark Levin. he is a person who pushing hard for this.

    the 2016 election showed who was on the NWO side (they include all the never Trump crowd) and who was conservative. I dropped a lot of links from my bookmark file.

    IOWREPORT and BLAZINGCATFUR are a couple of the remaining good guys.

  8. I’d say repeal 16th and 17th amendment. The problem I see with a CC though is even in red states we have our fair share of idiots and they’d probably screw it up and end up giving more power to the federal government.

  9. Added to the several severe problems already mentioned, consider the damage that could be done by a relative few statist pols in control of credentials and parliamentary procedure.

    There are a few amendments I could get enthusiastic about, but not the conventioned being considered.

  10. This would eradicate any high density leftist state’s advantage.

    The vote would require 3/4 of all counties in each state for the final vote for that state.

    Look at Trump’s election votes by county.

    Get it?? This scares the Fock out of the left.

  11. A balanced budget can be made by just increasing taxes. It does not mean they will spend less. They need to repeal the 17th amendment and get control of the Senate again.

  12. Such a convention would be the utmost in folly. A majority of states, right? Democracy, one state, one vote, right? Just what they want. Tell me that wouldn’t be so much easier to subvert/rig/fix/corrupt, and once done, there’s no going back.

    Does no one remember we needed the Electoral College to prevent the rigging in the last election from being successful? If the fockers that screwed us over in the first place SOMEHOW keep getting reelected [wink wink], why does anyone think putting into their grasp one of the few things that somewhat keeps their avarice for power in check is a good idea? GMAFB

  13. reminds me of gun control…’if only we had one more law all would be well’

    the current constitution is NOT being followed, why would a new one be followed???

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