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Time To Play “Have You Heard Of Them?”

Every once in awhile we run into a reader saying, “who?”, when we post a story about someone. So, I’ve decided we should just cut to the chase and simply write a list and ask, “have you heard of them?”

Not all the names are equally “famous,” it’s just a random list. No need to be ashamed. There is no requirement to know who they are. Just say whether you heard of them or not, and know what they’re famous for.

  1. Jordan Spieth
  2. Malcolm Turnbull
  3. Selena Gomez
  4. Manny Pacquiao
  5. Maurice Sendak
  6. Bar Refaeli
  7. Glenn Reynolds
  8. Yao Ming
  9. Frida Khalo
  10. Roy Munson


See who they are HERE

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  1. I hope no one thinks I’m getting allllll Alex Trebekish.
    Someone could make a list and I’d know 0 out of ten.
    This is just frivolous experimentation.

  2. Speith…that’s the golf dude…right?
    Turnbull….Aussie Prime Minister….I think
    Gomez…the Latino chick that got murdered by a fan?
    Pacquiano….one of those bunion-biter fighters?…gleaned from BB’s comment
    Sendak….the ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ guy?…never quite got the appeal
    Refaeli….no clue
    Ming…Chinese NBA player
    Khalo…whacko self-absorbed paint-splatterer
    Munson…..is that a stupid movie fictional ringer? ….or Thurman Munson’s brother

  3. the only ones I know without looking them up:
    Jordan Spieth – golfer
    Selena Gomez – baby faced 20 something semi-singer who isn’t going to age well.
    Maurice Sendak – Where the Wild Things Are – I’m a fan of his E.T.A. Hoffman’s Nutcracker artwork.
    Bar Refaeli – Hot Israeli model
    Yao Ming – Basketball?
    Friday Khalo – monobrowed artist

  4. Speith golfer
    Turnbull ?
    Gomez dated that dweeb beiber
    Pacquaino fighter
    Sendak writer for kid books
    Rafaili bikini model
    Reynolds instadude
    Ming nba retired i believe
    Freda k. eyebrowsy artist
    Munson ?

  5. Not one single one rang a bell with me, but the Daniel J Morrell I know about. Bought a book on that tragedy a few years back. Don’t really think I am missing anything by not knowing a thing about this list.

  6. The person who says ‘who’ is me. I’m old and I don’t watch tv or go to the movies. Not since the 70’s. I have heard of 3 and 7.
    And I have trouble remembering not to say ‘who’ in the comments.
    So the next time someone says ‘who’ it’s me and I forgot not to write who.
    Just pay no attention.

  7. 4, 7, and 8, absolutely.
    3 and 6, I think so.
    1 and 9, heard of them, but can’t place them.
    2, 5, and 10, I got nothin’.

  8. Jordan Spieth – golfer
    Malcolm Turnbull – Australian PM
    Selena Gomez – singer
    Manny Pacquiao – prize fighter
    Maurice Sendak – children’s book author, illustrator
    Bar Refaeli – Israeli celeb model
    Glenn Reynolds – journalist, associated with Snowden.
    Yao Ming – very tall basketball player
    Frida Khalo – Mexican “artist”
    Roy Munson – BTFOOM

  9. He is a liberaltarian

    Glenn Reynolds
    Born Glenn Harlan Reynolds
    August 27, 1960 (age 55)
    Birmingham, Alabama, United States
    Occupation Professor, writer, blogger
    Spouse(s) Helen Smith

    Glenn Harlan Reynolds (born August 27, 1960) is Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee, and is best known for his weblog, “Instapundit”, one of the most widely read American political weblogs.

    He has published numerous books, columns, and academic articles. He delivered the keynote speech at a meeting at the Harvard Law School to discuss a possible Second Constitution of the United States and concluded that the movement for a constitutional convention was a result of having “the worst political class in our country’s history”

  10. Jordan Spieth
    Malcolm Turnbull
    Selena Gomez
    Manny Pacquiao
    Maurice Sendak
    Bar Refaeli
    Glenn Reynolds
    Yao Ming
    Frida Khalo
    Roy Munson

    Without Google I know who Selena, Manny and Bar (Oh boy do I know who Bar is) are. I probably know “of” the others, given a little context, but I couldn’t provide any facts about them right now.

  11. I know four of the ten. I know the singer and the model primarily because my guilty pleasure is celeb gossip magazines and websites.

    I know the artist/author and the artist because I am a well-rounded person.

    I’m guessing the six I don’t know are heavy on television/sports stars. Those are areas where I have huge gaps in knowledge.

  12. I get BFH’s problem with ‘who?’, come on folks, your’e sitting at, or holding the most powerful research vehicle ever made available to the common man. If you don’t know, look it up, if you don’t want to know, sit and bask in your ignorance quietly.
    I’m getting old, my turn table creaks and the needle skips. It still has the info, just matters whether, I feel the need to run it or the RAM available at the punch of a few keys.

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Honest Abe

  13. The only name I recognize is Selena Gomez. I think she is a young actress and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her picture. Looks like a 15 year old, right?

    I usually do know the people we do stories on. Sometimes just by the picture and other times I get it from the content of the story. If I still don’t know, I bing them.

  14. Jordan Spieth (who?)
    Malcolm Turnbull (huh?)
    Selena Gomez (yes)
    Manny Pacquiao (I’d be disowned by my in-laws if I haven’t)
    Maurice Sendak (who?)
    Bar Refaeli (huh?)
    Glenn Reynolds (heh)
    Yao Ming (nope)
    Frida Khalo (nada)
    Roy Munson (no idea)

  15. Jordan Spieth, helluva PGA golfer; Manny Pacquiao, helluva boxer (from the Philippines); Glenn Reynolds, helluva writer as “Instapundit”.

    No clue about the other seven.

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