Time to Rally Around Donald Trump

A persuasive argument for a Donald Trump Presidency.



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  1. Even though I consider Ted Cruz my guy, I have to admit that I see something very special in Trump. For lack of a better word, I’ll call it his spirit. It’s the same spirit that was present in the Second Continental Congress, in every war this country has ever won, in the first moon walk–and that made him a billionaire ten times over.

    Trump obviously has a lot of appeal for anyone looking to undo the damage of the administration of Barack Obama, a sniveling, no-account weenie who not only fails to credit American exceptionalism, he apologizes for it, as if we’ve been doing something gravely wrong for the past 239 years.

    But has anybody given any thought to what Trump could do after he’s cancelled all the executive orders and replaced socialism with common sense in his appointments? My God, we’ll have jobs coming out our asses. Factories will hum at a level not seen since World War II. People who want jobs will be able to get them. Detroit could be a real city again, not some bankrupt joke.

    Trump is simply a winner. He thinks big, executes carefully, and surrounds himself with top-notch people. Compare to Hillary, whose Benghazi testimony revealed her to be an incompetent, lazy, hands-off diva at State.

    This isn’t a choice, people–it’s an absolute mandate. God has sent us a man who has the potential to be the greatest leader since Moses. Let’s be smart, like the Jewish people are, and embrace him.

    Trump/Cruz 2016.

  2. “… on which the very future of the Republic hangs …”

    A corpse has no future … except complete decay and disintegration.

    We must resurrect, or re-establish, our Constitutionally-based Republic, for this one is dead.

  3. He has the track record unequaled by anyone in the race, and I know beyond any doubt that he will do more for this country than any candidate or previous President.

  4. whats in a name? Found this at conservative treehouse…

    Donald /don-ald/ [2 sylls.] is pronounced DAHN-ald.
    It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Donald is:

    “great chief; world mighty”.

    Trump [truhmp]
    verb (used with object) means:

    to excel; surpass; outdo.

  5. That’s a great article. Read it this morning. There was another one by Herman Cain that I really like, too. Written as one businessman about another.

  6. Either we go with Trump to stick it up the GOP’s ass or go with a politician (even if it’s a die hard “conservative”) and go back to politics as usual.

  7. Cruz would be a great president, but Trump will get a lot of the black vote and brown vote and from the middle and left of center.

    Cruz probably wouldn’t be able to do that, he’s just some white guy.

    Trump is Donald Freaking Trump man, he ain’t some old white guy.

  8. Mr. Pinko is the Trump cheer leader. Don’t get me wrong, he gets my vote but my vote is for a different reason than the Pink ones. As I understand his position his Trump vote is against the establishment GOP. My vote for Trump is because he think he’s the guy that can quickly right the ship. Especially economically. Probably a wasted vote because to many people plan on writing in their favorite guy to send a message to the GOP. News flash, do you think the GOP cares? They don’t. Just ask Paul Ryan.

  9. My business started failing after Obama took office.
    Each year he was in office it got worse.
    Trump is a business man.
    I think he can reverse the damage.

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