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Time to shut down the Department of Education

FamilySecurityMatters:  [Star Parker] The Department of Education was created under President Carter in 1979 under the same misguided pretense that has driven much of the growth of our massively bloated federal government – that if there is something we really care about, we should give more money and power to Washington bureaucrats.

It would be good news if the Department of Education just wasted the money it gets from our hard-earned taxes. But it uses the money to do real damage.

Nothing could provide a better example than the newly issued guidance letter that the Department of Education, jointly with the Justice Department, just sent to public school districts across the country, threatening to cut of federal funds if public schools do not comply with guidelines for treatment of so-called transgender students.

The first paragraph of the directive provides a toll-free phone number to call if you don’t know the English language well enough to read the letter and then serves up this same paragraph in six different languages. Our own Department of Education is apparently of the view that familiarity with the English language is not among the responsibilities of American citizens.
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  1. Been saying that for years. De-fund it first, then when there are no more bureaucrats and pundits, close it down.

  2. Reagan vowed to shut down the Department when he first ran for office. But then, there was that whole Cold War thing and broken economy he had to deal with.
    It has only become more entrenched since then. Long past time for it to go.

  3. Relax, folks. It’s just another bureaucratic agency with a scary name to keep you from getting rid of it. They’ve not ACTUALLY in charge of educating our kids. That’s YOUR job.

  4. We’re on the verge of bankruptcy. Worthless government bureaucracies should be first on the chopping block and there is not a better place to start. Every politician running for reelection should have to explain to the voters why they haven’t done this already.

  5. “… explain to the voters …”

    The voters were too busy watching the game, or “The View,” or some other meaningless bullshit to worry much about the abuses of the FedGov. Then they get up and vote for the same miscreants and corrupt pols who put us here.

    “Wha’happnt? I just sat on the sofa for 30 years and my country’s turned to shit! My kids don’t know nuthin ceptin how to suck dicks and worship at the altar of Globaloney Warming, the ‘conomy’s in free-fall, and we’re run by a criminal conspiracy! Oh, wait! The “Braxton” special’s coming on!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Time to get rid of congressional office holders who have served more than 3 terms.

  7. Ques #1: How did we manage to survive from 1789 to 1979 without a Dept of Education? How were we able to properly educate our populace to gear up and guide our Country through a tragic Civil War, two World Wars and any number of economic cycles to become a world leader and the wealthiest nation on the planet? Are we really better off educationally than we were in 1979?

    Ques #2: How can a monolithic bureaucracy located in Washington DC hope to know the needs of public education in a nation spread from the western most islands of Hawaii to Houlton, Maine better than the State and local officials and, most importantly, the parents actively involved in the education of their children?

    Ques #3: How many employees of the Dept of Education have at least a minimum of 10 years of hands-on classroom teaching experience in a public educational setting? Not as an administrator, not as a principal, not as professor in a College of Education (especially), not as a “policy” advisor or a blogger or whatever but actual hands-on, day to day teaching in a public K – 12 setting!

    Abandon the Dept of Education, take the money and return it to the States on a per student basis so that they can deal with their unique situations and most importantly teach our kids the 3Rs, responsibility, respectful discourse and pride in community and Country (and maybe a little US history rather than PC bunk).

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