Time to Update that Resume

It appears that a senior VP for Planned Parenthood’s PR firm has decided that referring to work done with the baby butcher maybe isn’t such a plus on her online profile.




 Did Nell Callahan do it on her own or did someone at SKDKnickerbocker do it for her? 



The PR firm may need some PR help itself if it keeps getting associated with PP.


21 Comments on Time to Update that Resume

  1. It isn’t surprising to find the all out assault on women from a site that promotes all out assaults on anything not politically advantageous to your plutocratic and social Darwinism kowtowing.

    Unfortunately for you (while fortunate for many women who otherwise wouldn’t have had access to needed health care service without PP for nearly 100 years), folks don’t seem to be buying into the the sting operation and video editing of the obvious GOP who hypocritically voted to allow to use of fetal tissue.

    But I do understand your howl-at-the-moon stratagem and allegiance to such buffoonery. It’s what you do.

  2. “health care.”
    Because that’s what Planned Parenthood is known for. Look at all the young ladies lining up to have their parenthood planned. Thousands of happy customers, and yet strangely, it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot of parents with plans out there.
    I’m not sure how deceptive the footage can be. I’m pretty sure even if the editor cut out where everyone stopped to say a rosary before cracking little skulls and having a little giggle, the message wouldn’t have changed much.

    Anyhow, Margaret Sanger got what she wanted.

  3. Um, so they crack skulls and giggle?

    You validate my point. Your rhetoric doesn’t even have to pertain to logic, just make up incredibly stupid soundbites to advance your failed argument. Reality doesn’t even matter as cheep shot supersedes reality. Hell, even from your very own admission, your gibberish applies “even if the editor cut out” segments of it.

    But you’re consistent with the argumentative logic of the irrational crown here. I’m trying to have a rational discussion with folks that actually agree that Obama’s 2 election wins were the results of voter fraud. Never mind the insanity or lack of merit of that claim, just keep regurgitation incoherent and nonsensical spew-age.

    But again, that’s who you are which amusingly, isn’t a far cry from that of the GOP clown micro-bus actually asking for leadership of the greatest country on God’s green earth.

  4. I sure do look forward to the day when PP loses it place at the Federal pig trough and all of its lefty friends rush to open their own wallets to keep the organization running.

    I mean for all the great things I always hear lefties claim PP does for women, surely the organization will be able to rely on them to make up the short fall when tax payers are not longer forced to watch their money flow through the Federal government to support an organization they loath.

    Imagine all the great health services PP will be able to offer once it’s free of Federal constraints. Why it might actually offer mammograms instead of just refers. Then it really will be in the Womyn’s health service business. Oh happy day.

    Yep, it sure will be a wonderful day when leftist have to support their beloved out of their own pocket.

  5. RJW, You will be pleased to know I pulled some strings and have you scheduled for a Full Term Retroactive Abortion. Thank me later.

  6. Let me guess, you haven’t watched a single video from the Center for Medical Progress, right?

    You instead take your cue from CNN or Jon Stewart or you like your propaganda direct and take you’re talking points from Josh Earnest.

    Without a rational explanation that those PP doctors and representatives were really talking about harvesting, say vegetables from their organic gardens or their own grass feed beef, then you have nothing to but empty talking points, deceptive rhetoric beamed directly into your brain by the PP collective and the complete lack of critical thinking that puts you on the side of the Satanic Temple.

    Hail Satan, Ronald. Hail Satan and keep those fresh human sacrifices coming from PP.

  7. Yet you yourself cherry pick what you like and ignore the arguments that disrupts your agenda, only to deduce that I’m Satan, or, something of such abject stupidity.

    If your argument had merit, had an iota of credence, or withstood scrutiny on any level, obviously you’d capitalize on that rather than stoop to such utter avoidance of evidence and abject spin.

    It simply exposes your argument as fraudulent as the set up, video editing, and politicizing that the entire issue is.

    It’s sheer snake-oil selling on every front.

    And the thing is, just as most of the delusional dishonesty coming from today’s so-called conservatives, you know it’s true.

  8. “…folks don’t seem to be buying into the the sting operation…”

    Really, Mr. Ghoul – they’re not? I doubt you can see or hear the shock & outrage inside your Progressive bubble. Maybe PP can sell you a new set of only barely used fetal eyes & ears.

    They can’t sell you a conscience though.

  9. Without watching the video’s you are only capable of talking past those who have. You are incapable of discussion the contents of said videos or of the 8 or so more to come.

    You’re only left mouthing the objections put there by Josh Earnest, the bias media and ultimately PP itself. Or did you miss the earlier post today were the WH admitted to taking it’s talking points from PP.

    And yes, I do place you right there with the members of Satanic Temple.

    It’s really a simple logical progression that goes like this

    You support PP
    The Satanic Temple supports PP

    Therefore you are of the same mind set as members of the Satanic Temple


    Birds of a feather Mr. Ward, Birds of a feather.

  10. Your “birds of a feather” analogy links me as satanic while you are a regular here proudly advocating 13 million people removed from health insurance so they can go home and die.

    More telling is that you try to justify your radically unhinged spin with the likes of Breitbart as a resource. What’s next, moonbattery.com?

    I guess the question is, which tape do you want to discuss, the edited version or the unedited? My thoughts are that the deliberately dishonest one would be more Breithart or moonbattery or, you. Birds of a feather man!

    Now, the unedited one has Deborah Nucatola saying “Affiliates are not looking to make money by doing this. They’re looking to serve their patients and just make it not impact their bottom line. No one’s going to see this as a money making thing.” And, “Our goal, like I said, is to give patients the option without impacting our bottom line. The messaging is this should not be seen as a new revenue stream, because that’s not what it is.”

    What’s also edited out in this scam is that the $30 to $100 was actually more of the cost of the procedure rather than some sell for profit scheme. In all seriousness, that’s a rather minute charge for anything pertaining to the heath care field.

    You see, when you dishonestly edit context, you can make it mean anything you want to, which of course, you too well know.

  11. You go girl! Ronnie Ward noes sum shit! He gone be in mah brane trust when I get indoctrinated into the so-called abject orifice of prezdunt! I want her tabee my spokeswoman or abjector of the NSA.

    Jus amember, Ronnie, after the selection, pick up the phone, gimee a call!

  12. You should be able to un-like it yourself. Just click the little grey box next to the number and it should go down by 1. If it goes up by 1, then it’s not the one you clicked on. But to un-do that one, just click it again and it will go down. I did the same thing a few weeks ago and just tried it and it works.

  13. First, stay focused on abortion and the money for the baby flesh that seems to be standard operating procedure for PP. If you want to discuss the fiasco that is Obamacare you can find another post on this website to take up you’re argument.

    Next, unless you can refute the facts in the Breitbart article you have nothing but a lame attempt to try to undercut the facts by an ad hominem attack on the source. That’s not acceptable dialog on this site and you’re a lousy debator for trying that dumb ploy.

    So you’re using the unedited video to make a case that the first video was deceptively editied, only how did you get your hands on the unedited video? The Center for Medical Progress has made both available, they just saved the public the horror of having to watch hours of PP ghouls discuss their trade in the flesh of the unborn by providing both.

    Next, if Deborah Nucatola statements were as innocuous as you seem to think, why then did her boss, Cecile Richards, come out days later and state that she used “an “unacceptable” tone in the video that does not reflect the “compassion” with which the organization treats its patients” if indeed it was just normal business talk over lunch among seller and buyer?


    I think Dr. Nucatola is probably going to be viewed as the least ghoulish of the PP monsters yet to come. How about PP latest profile in medical ethics, Savita Ginde, who seems to be coaching the interested buyers on how to frame the terms of the sale in order to avoid breaking the law (but still procuring baby parts for money)?

    Any comments on Dr. Ginde admitting that sometimes they deliver a baby and then carving it up for parts like a Brooklyn chop shop?


    You better stop now RJW, you’ve got a lot of unedited video to catch up and PP excuses to digest and you better hurry before CMP drops another video on you that will be impossible for you to refute.

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