Timeline of Events Undercuts Joe Biden’s Newest Burisma Defense


The timeline of events surrounding Hunter Biden’s appointment to the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, undercuts Joe Biden’s newest defense about not being made aware that his son’s overseas dealings could pose a conflict of interest.

The former vice president, who has repeatedly changed his story on how much he knew about his youngest son’s ties to Burisma, claimed over the weekend that White House staff never brought the subject to his attention. In particular, Joe Biden asserted he was never warned that his son’s work with Burisma and his own position overseeing Obama administration policy in Ukraine could pose a conflict.

“Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest,” the former vice president told NPR in an extensive interview. “Nobody warned me about that.”

When pressed with the fact that a top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine had attempted to raise the matter in 2015, but was rebuffed by the former vice president’s staff, Joe Biden suggested such a result occurred because his oldest son, Beau Biden, was losing his battle with brain cancer at the time.

“Well, my son was dying, so I guess that’s why he said it, because my son was on his deathbed,” he said. “But that, that’s not the reason why — they should have told me.”

The former vice president’s plea of ignorance comes after he claimed in September to have never spoken about Burisma with his youngest son, even though Hunter Biden has stated otherwise. It also stands in direct contradiction to claims made by one of his top White House advisers.

More troubling, however, is that Joe Biden’s newfound defense does not fit with the official timeline of events. READ MORE

7 Comments on Timeline of Events Undercuts Joe Biden’s Newest Burisma Defense

  1. joe claims he wasn’t aware of the conflict of interests kinds of knocks the wind out of his sails on becoming president.

    it shows he too stupid to be president.

  2. Check the timeline

    Then you know

    That Joe was not

    Concerned with Beau

    Who felt much better

    At the time

    That Joe was warned

    Of Hunter’s crime.

    “Burisma Shave”

  3. Everybody knows Biden can’t win. Democrats and MSM need to pretend the Biden/Ukraine link is innocent to legitimize impeaching President Trump. When impeachment dies, so will the Biden campaign.

  4. If it looks like shit, talks like shit, walks like shit, smells like shit….
    “who ya gonna believe?!”

  5. Bill, you are spot on. Dec 19 I predict someone will deliver the death blow to Joe saying the same thing ‘if you really did not know it could be a conflict of interest you are too stupid to be the POTUS.

    if they dont and Biden gets the nomination Trump will. either way it will be glorious to watch.


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