Timelines – Watergate vs. Collusiongate

Remember Watergate? It started with a break-in of Democrat campaign headquarters in June 1972 and ended with the resignation of the president in August 1974. That’s roughly twenty-six months from start to finish. Here

Now let’s talk about the current ongoing scandal(s).  For simplicity, I’ll merge them together and call it “collusiongate.” Working from Sharyl Attkisson’s comprehensive timeline, let’s start with a conservative March 4, 2015 NYT report that secretary of state Hillary Clinton mishandled state department e-mails.

This is now June 2018. That’s about 40 months and not one person has yet to be charged with a crime. Why is that? Here


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  1. very good read … brings it into a long-awaited perspective

    … thank you, Sheryl Attkinsson for your diligence … you deserve a Pulitzer

  2. That meme is brilliantine!!

    So sobering to see the comparison, too. We was robbed! of at least two summers’ worth of open hearings under the obama regime that should have ended in perp walks.

  3. This is easy. The Watergate burglars were caught red handed inside the Democratic National Committee’s Washington D.C. offices. They were facing years in jail unless they came across with the names of their paymasters. One of them, James W. McCord, Jr., decided it wasn’t worth his time, and he started talking. In practically no time, the coverup led Nixon’s resignation. The FBI and the CIA were not involved in the burglary or the coverup.
    Collusiongate involves some of the highest figures in the Osmidgen Administration and the Intelligence Agencies. While Susan Rice and Evelyn Farkus couldn’t handle the truth, most of the people in the intelligence community were trained to keep secrets. This was a closely held conspiracy that only unraveled when NSA Director Mike Rogers realized what was going on and ordered it stopped before he informed President Elect Donald J. Trump about the illegal spying activity against his campaign organization. As of yet, there is no Judge John J. Sirica throwing the book at any low level conspirators in order to get them singing. However, it won’t be long before the seditious rodents start ratting out their bosses. Within a few months, we will know more about who was really behind this assault on our Constitution and our liberty. Then it will take a couple of years to bring them to trial and see some off them off to a Federal Pen.

  4. You need to add a new start date to the timeline. We now know from Page/Strozk texts that the FBI planned to put spies in the Trump campaign as early as December, 2015. “OCONUS lures”

  5. @ Groucho Marxist: Nope, no “18-minute gaps” but 30,000 (and counting) deleted e-mails. (Not counting the “hard-drive failures” on Lois Lerner’s PC.)


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