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Timing Is Everything


Winter is arriving just as The Sundance Film Festival announced it will screen Al Gore’s new fakumentary, “An Inconvenient Truth: 10 Years Later.”

How the Polar Vortex stole the global warming narrative Here

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  1. Weather karma just won’t follow the faux climapocapolypse.

  2. Shoddy journalism. The three tenants of journalism are WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE, not necessarily in that order. The Sundance Film Festival takes place in Park City Utah, a town of about 8,000 known for its over-price hotels, expensive ski resorts, and rich peoples’ third or fourth homes. So many news stories don’t mention the location of events as if it was inconsequential. It’s irritating.

  3. No, no, no – the freezing is proof of Globull Warming! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    Because science! (Actual argument used by a friend. Who then asked the original poster to delete the entire post, after another guy and I simply asked for supporting information.)

  4. Seas only APPEAR to be rising. The land is actually shrinking from the use of underground water storage without refilling the empty space created.

  5. Rest assured Albert will not be cold. That MoFo has developed a thick layer of insulation. I bet he’s always warm. Maybe that’s where he came up with Global Warming.

  6. @Billy Fuster – Sounds very similar to the six tenets of reporting: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW.

  7. What a year! Brexit, Cubs win the World Series, Trump wins !!, Fidel cashes in the chips, Doggies beat Swabbies in Army-Navy game, and now we have WINTER!!

  8. That’s the problem with lying. You have to keep building on the lie to try to keep from getting caught. Fortunately for Gore, there are plenty of saps ready and willing to be fooled.

  9. If there is any justice in the world the night of the movie premier will see a nice, not too heavy snow begin to fall outside the theatre as the people go in. A nice seasonal feeling what with it being January. As soon as the doors close and the film starts it turns into a raging blizzard with white-out and winds so strong and bitter it’s blowing sideways and windchill is measured in seconds and the snow is accumulating faster then the plows can clear it. Around the third reel the snowplows can’t budge the snow anymore nor can they move through it. Power is beginning to flicker and the movie goers are noticing that their iPhone reception is dropping. Movie ends with ushers screaming that there are wolves outside in the blizzard and they’re hungry. The doors are bolted and the patrons settle down and wait to be rescued. A week later and all the food is gone and they begin to ask questions of Algore. He can’t answer him because this wasn’t in any of the climate models they faked to prove warming. Realizing his mistake he bolts for the doors and almost makes it until he’s tacked by an angry and very hungry Michael Moore. A few hours later, the crowd satiated by the impromptu barbeque settle down for a nap. A loud banging is heard at the door and when opened a triumphant Donald Trump stands there, hands on hips and a load of Trump Tower blankets under one arm and an urn of hot coffee under the other. “I heard there were some Americans in trouble here, so here I am”. “Thank you President Trump, you’ve inspired us to help ourselves. Just give us a hand up and we’ll no longer take a hand out” vows the crowd. Meanwhile Michael Moore, who was watching from a second floor window was so surprised he choked to death on one of Algores tasty and heavily fatty ribs.

  10. Gore, the climate isn’t getting warmer. You’re just getting fatter. Tends to raise your body temperature. You’re welcome……..you over-bloated fuck.

  11. @scr_north: Dang, that was some powerful storytelling! I got frostbite on my extremities just reading it. Great ending, too – when’s the movie coming out?


  12. @scr_north that’s 333rpm Polar Vortex level

    *cdVaults alter-addition scene: Sharp Shards of Frozen Film Frames Slice and Dice in Tongue-oiled Ultra High Definition. A Show Shineah.®

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